A visit to Thai embassy

I visited Thai embassy in Tokyo with Michiko Hayashi to give donation for the recent flood disaster in Thailand to the Thai ambassador on Dec 26th. 

Since 3.11, the great disaster happened here in Japan, Kingdom of Thailand has given a lot of supports by giving donations and different products to afflicted areas and people in Japan and as you know that we, Emoto Peace Project has distributed Angel water which is produced in Thailand to people in Fukushima for free. The donation this time was partly collected from people in Fukushima and also other areas of Japan and of course our foundation.

Thai ambassador, Mr. Virasakdi Futrakul was there to give us hearty welcome. He was there at the ceremony to receive Angel water last time in April at his office and unfortunately, Dr. Emoto could not come this time but he clearly remember me who were also there last time and we talked about how the situation of distribution of water in Fukushima. I replied to him that "the Angel water is so popular in Fukushima and people so appreciate for the great support from Thailand." I added that "this time, your country and nation is suffering by the flood disaster and  part of the donations that we brought today came from people in Fukushima. So it is a token of their gratitude for the support from Thailand when they suffered and now it is their turn to give it back" Mr.Futrakul seemed so happy to hear the story.

The news do not tell much about the situation in Thailand now but according to Mr. Futrakul, there are still a lot of people who need supports. Because of the flood disaster in Thailand, more than 700 people died, and 4,000,000 people were afflicted, and 100,000 people have to live in shelters and financial damage as a country is approx. 45 billion US dollars. Now, the water in Bangkok is receding but it takes much time for sure to recover all of these people's normal daily life back. I'd like to share one story with you. Mr.Futrakul told us "compassion" in Thai language is a composition of 2 words meaning "Heart" and "Water". So it is like water from heart is compassion. I thought this is really interesting and truth because we are all connected with water (compassion). Maybe if you do not have compassion to others, the water inside of you decreases. That is just my thought.

Finally, I'd like to share some photos with you:

We giving donation to Mr.Futrakul

Mr.Futrakul giving us a book about the history between
Japan and Thailand for a return

We, Emoto Peace Project would like to thank all of you who helped to donate for people in Thailand this time. They still need continuous supports. We hope to update what is situation in Thailand in this blog.

Hiro Emoto


Report on Clearing Clouds Game in Russia on 11.11.11

Hello, Everyone! We are sorry that we have not updated this Blog for awhile. Today, we would like to post  the report on Clearing Cloud Game in Russia on 11.11.11 which the organizer sent us.


11:11 Saint-Petersburg held a world record!
On the 11th of November at 11:11 in Saint-Petersburg, one of the cloudiest cities of Europe, the first Clearing Cloud Game or “Sky without clouds” took place; the citizens of the most beautiful city in the World gathered for the first time in the history of mankind in order to clear the clouds thanks to the joint wish.
The place for this unique experiment was chosen not by chance: being the cloudiest city of Europe, Saint-Petersburg can burst of only 62 sunny days per year.
The transactions of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher inspired the organizers to try to disprove the postulates of traditional physics; thanks to the originality of his researches, the World got a visual proof of H2O wonderful qualities, which is habitual for us.
By the appointed time in the very heart of the city more than 250 people of different ages – students, managers, teachers, Doctors of Science, pensioners,  skeptics, atheists and the representatives of different religions had gathered on Castle Square; they all were combined with only one aspiration – to take part in the realized experiment.

The weather didn`t let down: the clear sky could be observed in Saint-Petersburg one week before the action, but on the night of the 11th of November, a cyclone came; the sky was covered with Petersburg nebulosity; the wind speed ran up to 8 meters per second.
The performance of the game was planned for 10 minutes, but the participants spent more than 1 hour in hard wind. In 20 minutes after the beginning, unknown to each other people extemporary took each other`s hands and having formed a big circle, went on looking at the sky. Saint-Petersburg is really famous for heavy clouds – the overcast didn`t give in, but all the gathered experienced the feelings of joy and unity.

But in spite of the fact that the citizens of Saint-Petersburg didn`t achieve any convincing results, the action went down in the history forever: the world record was locked in by World Agency of Records and Achievements. Saint-Petersburg became the first city in the World where citizens gathered together deliberately in order to play “Sky without clouds” game.

Some interesting facts were noticed both by the participants and journalists. (according to the reports of and Rosbalt): from 11:11 and till 11:21 gleam`s spherical outlines of nebulosity`s substratum were seen; the witnesses also reported more than once that two hours later “a window” of blue sky was moving slowly in the Sky above Primorskiy region.
The first action in the World “Sky without clouds” aroused huge interest of Russian and foreign mass media, having been the head of the brightest events of the 11th of November on our Planet.
The representatives of central Russian TV channels, radio stations, informative agents and Internet editions were present on
Castle Square
The broadcasting of this event was made by 100 TV channel; the journalists were broadcasting the informative reports about the conduction flow in on-line rate.
As a result, this project was illustrated by more than eight biggest city and federal TV channels of Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (1 channel, NTV, 5th channel, 100 TV, REN TV, “World” MTRK, Saint-Petersburg channel, Novin TV channel); by more than twenty radio stations (echo of Moscow, echo of Saint-Petersburg, Mayak, Golos of Russia, Business FM, Love-radio, Evropa-Plus, AvtoRadio, Dorojnoe Radio, Nashe Radio and others); by informative agents of Russia and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (RosBalt, BaltInfo, Tatar Info, today.Kz and others); and by more than fifty Internet mass media (Gazeta.Ru, Fontanka.Ru, Komsomolskaya Pravda, AiF, Moskovkiy Komsomoletz, and others).
According to Feodor Zamaleev, an organizer of this action, a general director of Feodor Zamaleev & partners, the scope of Mess media interest turned out to be really surprising: “I am surprised and glad with the echo which aroused the wish to present a wonderful cause of 11.11.11 to Saint-Petersburg; belief in miracles and one`s own ability to the hearts of people.
You see, just thanks to this game, the main thing becomes obvious: our thoughts have the possibility to influence on outward things. I am sincerely grateful to Mr. Masaru Emoto who supported this idea thoroughly. And I will be sincerely happy if the experience of “Sky without clouds” game or Clearing Cloud Game will become a kind of personal experience for each person; you see, all you have to do is just to try. The question is not whether we believe or not. Now anyone who wishes is able to conduct his own experiment in order to find one`s own proof”.
Masaru Emoto, a well-known Japanese researcher, famous for his original approach to the learning of water physics, sent a greeting letter to the citizens of Saint-Petersburg: “All innovative discoveries of the past changed the picture of reality, always shocked, caused surprise, misunderstanding of those around one, but nevertheless becoming an indisputable truth of scientific knowledge. You are just round the corner of the greatest discovery of indisputable laws of the universe. And this experiment will go down in world history forever as all brave, sincere discoveries which changed the history”.
The organizers are sure that just the realization of the infinity of one`s own resources opens the door to the understanding of world`s new picture. Reality is more unusual than it seems to be and only having experienced it anyone will be able to walk over a firm bridge from rational reality to the world of wonders.
The organizers express their particular thanks to the journalists taken part in the coverage of the action and of course to the participants, brave citizens who couldn`t be stopped either with early time, working day or skepticism. And also to the World Agency of Records and Achievements. All together we presented a wonderful and kind event to our city.
It seemed that they did not get an expected result but their effort to make this event should be praised. The clouds in the Sky seemed so thick and widespread on that day so it was for sure a tough challenge for everyone who joinned. But it is very nice to know that a lot of people gathered and naturally folded hands togather to try this game together to prove the power of their intentions and the fact that this first intention experiment called "Clearing Cloud Game" was held is very meaningful for our future. There should be more challenges to come in the future and by making this succesful, we will know how our intention can influence things. We would like to give our deepest gratitude to the organizer of this event in behalf of Dr. Masaru Emoto.


Today is 11th day of 11th month, 2011.

November 11th
Today is 11th day of 11th month, 2011.  The number 1 lines six, so people around the world are doing events and ceremony to pray for preace.
EMOTO PEACE PROJECT would like to offer prayers to the clouds over Saint Petersburg in Russia, as I have anounced the day before yesterday. I'd like you to offer the following prayers at 11:11:11(sec) on the 11th of November.
"Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Kori kotte, Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Nari Natta. (The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony) We are speaking to the cloud above Sait Petersburg. The cloud is cleared off.  Thank you very much."
Also, I would like to ask you please pray for Thailand so that the flood will stop and waters will clear away.  Please give your prayers with the following words as well.
"The flood in the country of Thailand stopped and waters cleared away. Thank you very much.
Please chant the above words out loud three times.
Thank you very much.
With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto


11.11.11 в 11:11 clearing cloud game 2

11.11.11 в 11:11

[ Reality is more extraordinary as it seems to be ]

For the First time in the World
 the game of the 21st century

Yes, it is possible. Just try.


11.11.11 at 11:11 the first game will take place in Saint-Petersburg, during which all the persons interested will gather together to learn how to……clean clouds due to the force of combined wish!

5 facts:

1. Saint-Petersburg is one of the most overcast cities of Europe, where the Sun appears only 62 days per year.
2. Saint-Petersburg will become the first city in the World, where people will gather together to learn to……clear clouds due to the force of combined wish!

3. 11.11.11 at 11:11 Clearing Cloud Game,  the first game in the World will take place, any person interested will be able to take part in it, even being at any place of the city.

4. It is a world record which will be registered in Guinness Book of World Records.

5. Yes, it is possible! Make sure of it by your own experience.

Clearing cloud game is a game of new time; it is meant to be convinced what the force of consciousness is. The process of the game is a kind of meditation; There are no rules, but emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding are guaranteed. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game.

The place for this unique experiment was chosen not accidentally: being the most overcast cities of Europe, Saint-Petersburg can boast of only 62 sunny days per year.

The transactions of Masaru Emoto inspired the organizers of this game to try to disprove the postulates of traditional physics. Thanks to the originality of Masaru`s researches, the World got an obvious proof of wonderful qualities of H2O, which is so habitual for us.

All the persons interested are invited to take part in this peculiar flash mob to break up clouds with the help of thought concentration.

If you want to know all the details, come to our Site.

download video:


Realizing that one can consider this idea to be just an absurd fiction or just….. a funny joke, a small fragment like “FAQ” is necessary. Here one can find the answers for possible questions: what is clearingcloudgame? In which connection are the clouds? And the main point – what for do I need it?

-    What is clearing cloud game and when will it take place?

This game is really very simple. It is rather a practice than a game meant to ascertain what the strength of consciousness is. Here it is also very important not to have any doubts that you will succeed at the same time not putting too much efforts.

The game is a kind of the perception of outward things. Every game has its aim arousing interest. The games played by people  have changed greatly for the all history of mankind, beginning with a prehistoric stone with stick and up to content applications in social nets. Clearing cloud game is a game of fresh time. Its principal difference is the cooperation of person`s consciousness and entourage.

Clearing Cloud Game, the first game in the World will take place in Saint-Petersburg on the wonderful and symbolical date, 11.11.11 at 11:11. There are some reasons why the game shall take place here: Saint-Petersburg is the most overcast city in Europe and in the World. We see the Sun only 62 days per year.

-    Rules / aim / crux?

There are no stable rules. It is like a meditation. It is a kind of extreme relaxation and confidence in everything taking place. There are no concrete principles, restrictions or ways. There is only one aim – an experience. The experience of emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game. There is some space for creation: design your own original method or just learn how to do it in “instruction” section.

-    Who can take part?


Just any person! Now you know the game will take place on 11.11.11 at 11:11, join us, whatever you are doing and wherever you are. On the 11th of November just find 5 minutes and look at the Sky. Having seen dense nebulosity there or even just a small accumulation of clouds, play your first clearing cloud game. And the realization that all the world is playing with you, will give you confidence and inspiration.

-    In which connection are the clouds? What for do I need it?

Humanity can be divided into two types: theorists and practical men. Theory is a wonderful thing. But nevertheless, there is sometimes a great abyss between meditation and actions.

We are people of the 21st century. We are rational and logic. It is very difficult to make us believe in such things which cannot be touched by a finger, which cannot be measured and linked up to Internet. We are practical people if habitual reality; we believe only the things which can be perceived.

The world of material things, emotions, the world of sensible pleasures absorbs totally our attention without giving us any chance to see or believe in our own striking resources.

An Indian parable about an elephant and a rope is widely famous: what prevents a tied mass from tearing out a slimpsy stick put into the soil with only one jerk? The force of habit. Elephants are tied from the very birth, that is why then they have no efforts to cope with this habit.

How often we walk on the customary circle as elephants tied with slimpsy rope!!! But one shouldn’t have any harsh deprivations or to move away from the World just to tear off from holding notions.

It is just enough to realize the fact: we are what we believe in. Changing one`s own thoughts and the attitude towards rut, helps to activate the potential of natural mechanisms which in their turn change the world of each of us.

"Trust but check” – faith is becoming a kind of inner knowledge; it was examined in practice, and it doesn`t need any explanation. It is just enough to allow it to be. To see it with the own eyes, to experience this moment in order to make ascertain. “Yes, it`s possible”. Or “Yes, I can it”.

Supposing the existence of something outside our notions is like a metaphor; it`s like a seed which will be a wonderful tree one day. What shall you do? Just plant the seed into the soil. Nature will do the rest.  You just don`t realize all the totality of ripening and growth processes, but you see the result and you know that it works.

Where does rabbit`s hole leads to? One can only guess. But one thing can be affirmed for sure: each person on the Earth has a talent for clearing clouds. And only having experienced it, you will walk over a firm bridge from rational reality to the world of wonders. What to do with it….. everything depends on you.

-    What is it a question of?

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

May be it`s high time to be greatly surprised? One should put a question: “Shall one clear the clouds?” with the help of thought? Yes, but it is inconceivable! Conceivable or not – it`s not our decision. But still, just think, how often do we draw these or those conclusions sometimes even depriving the chance to take it into our consideration?

“The greatest illusion is that there are always some limitations” – wrote Robert Monro.
To open the door to the truth – it`s simple, having managed to perceive a lamb through the walls of a box. Without prejudices: having experienced it – to take on trust. Even if it can`t be placed into our conception of reality.

And what is reality? For the majority of us, it`s something familiar, convenient and safe. Trees grow upwards, rain drops down, a ball goes to gates if it is kicked; everything what we do happens only in three dimensions.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – said Einstein and added: “ “…..Reality is just an illusion, but stable”.  It must be confessed that reality is more unusual than it seems to be.

Reading this text, you, for example, are sitting or standing, but in fact – you are turning round the Sun together with all the objects with the speed of about 108 000 km per hour. You feel the density of your body, but the body consists of emptiness on the macro-level.

Modern physics determine the reality with accurate measurements and observations of the material world. But having reached the lower step of particles` measuring, scientists found out that we can change the reality just….looking at it…. Due to the experiment, known as Jung`s experience, quantum physics shows how an observer is forming  the processes of reality. The ability of human perception, the influence of thought process on the outward things – is a great sphere of immense discoveries of the 21st century.

It is difficult to imagine that someone will assert that the world of obvious substance and of physical reality – is only a product of cosmic reaction, devoid of creative beginning. And now while modern science is falling into oblivion trying to explain the existential reasons of creation, a new, intuitive language is being born; this language is used by rational Universe for communication with us.

We are lucky! We live during such a surprising period when one can assert easily: the world is changing just in front of our eyes, Consciousness is changing, it`s evolution is something intuitive, some inner perception of the universe`s correlations, the answers for questions :”Where from?”, “What for?”, Why?”

The realization of the infinity of one`s own resources opens the doors to the understanding of the new picture of the World.

May be it`s high time to meditate on the question: who are we as a matter of fact? And what is the World around us? If anyone of us can plainly clear clouds?

-    Why was Clearing Cloud game born in Saint-Petersburg?

Yes, it`s our reality: a hanging sky over our heads, long days with dull weather and pale, dispersed lighting. And an evening weather forecast on TV sounds like a verdict: “…….nebulosity, short period precipitations are possible”. It`s quite familiar for everyone.

No doubt, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe can`t boast of any resort location. The habitants of Saint-Petersburg sun is not be enough. According to average showing there are only 62 sunny days per year.

Lust one should think: cloudy London, Bern (Norway), Seattle or Pittsburg, even these cities are behind Saint-Petersburg. We are without any sun 303 days per year; being hostages of “changeable nebulosity” and in spite of global climate changes, “pale-green vault of heaven’ has been casting a gloom over each citizen of Saint-Petersburg since the times of this poet.

However, clouds` weight brings us not only anxiety and depression, but also inspiration.
And it isn`t surprising that this idea was born here, in Saint-Petersburg; This idea has been known to the population for a long time, but it is in the sphere of abstract mystics and esoteric trends according to some mystic reasons. The objective reality of each of us: experiencing something – to believe our own eyes.

-    Who contrived all this?

This idea doesn`t belong to anybody, as always changeable clouds do not believe to anybody. Having been inspired with the examples from fiction and works of originally thinking researches, and above all having experienced, we perceived the signs which our wonderful world sends to us.

We are the citizens of Saint-Petersburg, of Russia, of Earth Planet of the 21st century, we are just the same as you reading this text. Also as you, we sincerely believe everything what happens with good purpose, due to kind motives. We are people united by the game and the conformity of notions about the World. And we want to share this discovery with you. No more aims.

Yes, we also sincerely believe, even if it sounds tritely: Love will save the World.


written by Masaro Emoto especially for first Clearing Cloud Game

First of all, let me explain how to clear a cloud above although you may have known about this already.
1. Select which cloud to clear among clouds in the sky. At first, a cloud shouldn’t be so big. It is better to choose a lone cloud that is separated from other clouds.
2. Staring at the chosen cloud and verbalize, “The cloud is cleared. Thank you very much.”
3. Never doubt about clearing the cloud and just stare at it with clear mind.
4. After a while, the cloud gets thinner, and eventually it disappears.
5. Say thank you in past tense to the cleared cloud.
As above, this game is really simple. It is learning rather than a game to ascertain one’s power of consciousness.
Important note here is that people should not have doubtful mind about clearing cloud and should not put too much effort.
why does clouds become clear?
The answers are:
1. Clouds are water and human beings are also water. You know that clouds are water. It is known that we, human beings, are 70% water, so we are almost made of water. Thus, water in clouds and water in our bodies can connect to each other, as it is the same being.
2. However, connection is not enough. It has to convey thoughts. Words are the expression of one’s thoughts. Words are born out of natural vibration, so that water can understand it, too. My crystal water photograph is the proof of this fact. If you show or say good words to water, the crystal is beautiful. In the opposite case, the crystal is unattractive.
3. Saying the words in past tense means that we trust and never doubt clouds.
4. By not put too much effort and gently conduct this, it can maintain the purity of Hado (undulation). As Hado is purer, its energy gets stronger.
5. Finally saying thank you is a matter of course. People ask a cloud to be cleared, so when the favor is received, thanking is a matter of course.

We sincerely thank all those who treated this idea with interest, having realized it`s importance for the present moment, who took part, inspired and helped.

Particular thanks and respect to Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher of physics of water; due to the originality of these experiments, the World got a pictorial proof of H2O wonderful qualities.

Being a leading expert of alternative researches of water physics, Mr. Emoto responded to our request and told the details who to realize this game best of all. The term Clearing Cloud game was mentioned in the texts of betty Shine, English writer, who was the first in the World to tell about the given practice in literary way.

Dear friends, dear citizens of Saint Petersburg!

I am happy to know that the first unique experiment when the participants destined to check first-hand wonderful qualities of human consciousness and wonderful characteristics of our outward things, will take place in the most beautiful city of the World.

All innovation discoveries of the past which changed the picture of reality, always excited shock, astonishment, incomprehension of people, but nevertheless they became indisputable truth of scientific knowledge. You are just round the corner of the greatest discovery of incontestable law of the Universe. And this experiment will go down in the history of mankind forever, as all audacious, candid discoveries which changed the history.

Clearing Cloud Learning on November 11th has such a precious meaning, and it is the first chapter of human being’s greatly important learning.
I wish you all good luck. I trust that wonderful results will come out

I welcome the organizers and participants of Clearing Cloud Game action and wish You luck! We will succeed!

Masaru Emoto

+7 904 334 22 25


11.11.11 в 11:11 clearing cloud game

Hello, everyone, I am happy to share wonderful news with you today. At 11.11 on 11.11.11, in St Petersburg, Russia, there is an event called Clearing clouds game event” and people get together to clear clouds in the sky of St. Petersburg with their collective consciousness. This cloud clearing game is something everyone can try to make sure the power of human consciousness and I have been always telling people how to do this in my seminars. They sent me a letter that they will do this event and I gave them massage letter. Please see below the details of the event and I will fully support this event. I would like people all over the world to join this event remotely. Yes, it is possible. Just try! 

This is also a promotion video of the event and please check.

Masaru Emoto 



For those who don't understand Japanese, this is our new water called "Angel Water". This is the water which has healing effect on almost any living creatures. We distribute this water to people in Fukushima for free out of the profit that we made from the sales of this water outside of Fukushima in Japan. This is a great water with good intention. Sorry the page is only in Japanese because it is currently only sold in Japan. I would like to spread Hado of the angel throughout Japan!


Please come and join him in Munich!

Dr. Emoto will be in Munich, Germany,
on the 27th of September to Let Love Grow! 
Please come and join him in Munich!

Berührende Impressionen von einem wundervollen Friedenskonzert am 29. Mai 2011 am Hinterbrühler See in München mit der Mantra-Band MAJOR7.
Die Intention dieses friedlichen Miteinanders ist durch gemeinsames Singen die Herzen eines jeden zu berühren, ob anwesend oder nicht, und dadurch Heilung, Liebe und Seelenfrieden zu erfahren und zu genießen. Mehr darüber unter . . .


"Council of Elders: Healing the Earth for World Peace"

Dr. Emoto will be attending
"Council of Elders: Healing the Earth for World Peace"
being held in Frankfurt,
Germany on the 24th and 25th of September.


“Do Re Mi Song” at the Universiade Opening Ceremony

I came back on the 13th from about 10-days of work in China. In Shenzhen, the Universiade was holding a place in Shenzhen, and there was the opening ceremony on the night of 12th. I happened to hear the live broadcasting from the radio in a taxi. I heard a part of the ceremony, and one thing impressed me.

That is because the big chorus of “Do Re Mi Song” from the Sound of Music was beautifully echoing. I felt quite peculiar since it was right after the opening speech of President Hu Jintao, but because of that it sounded very beautiful and impressive.
To seminar tours I always carry the DVD that shows crystals of water listened to this song. I often sing the song with audience in my seminar. I always take a break called “Karaoke time” and sing either “Edelweiss” or “Do Re Mi Song” from the Sound of Music as this song is familiar to audience from any countries. And when we sing “Do Re Mi Song,” I explain as the following.

At first, the explanation about lyrics:
Doe-a deer, a female deer
Ray-a drop of golden sun
Me-a name I call myself
Far-a long, long way to run
Sew-a needle pulling thread
La-a note to fellow sew
Tea-a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do-oh-oh-oh!

Do mi mi-Mi so so
Re fa fa-La ti ti

Then I explain, “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing almost anything.

Every thing and phenomenon is made up of the combination of vibration.
And vibration always makes sounds.
What is a sound?
That is expressed as Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.
And it is just the repetition of them.
That’s why if you can sing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, you can think and make anything.

I sang this song and explain this hundreds of times. In other words, this is a song to encourage independence, so it may be a good thing that this song was selected at the international convention. The question is whether the deep meaning of this song is understood or not. Well, since Hado remains, even people don’t know the meaning of it, I guess it’s all right.


Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water tomorrow.

August 10

Tomorrow marks five months since the tragic event. Time flashed by. In Japan, there have been several hundreds of noticeable aftershocks occurred in and around Tohoku district (northern Honshu area) though they did not end in a serious disaster. I am just concerned that the epicenters are moving down to Chuetsu and Kanto districts. However, I am hoping that these powers are dispersed as the result of our prayer.

I have been interviewed by overseas magazines and internet radio stations about how our prayer affects to brake earthquake occurrence. Let me share one of those interviews. I hope this would build up momentum for tomorrow’s prayer.


Question: Dr Emoto on 25 July this year you held a water ceremony that linked up with people around the world to offer love and gratitude to the water at Fukushima, Japan, since it received the severe blows from the nuclear accident. Will you please share with us how this ceremony has changed the quality of the water there and what changes have you noticed?

Answer: So far, at the three-dimensional level, we have not observed any changes. From the previous experiences, I estimate it would take few months to see any visible results.
Nevertheless, on the day of the event and the following day, natural phenomenon such as iridescent clouds, dragon clouds, and clouds shaped ryudragon in Chinese characterappeared in the sky.
Since clouds are visible forms of waters, I believe those phenomenon occurred as the signs that the water molecules at the site were pleased.
As atmosphere and soils are affected, whether positively or negatively, by water molecules they contain, I think that continuing performance of such purification ceremonies would bring all good results.

I consider the phenomena of the earth are the works of water molecules. It is said that earthquakes occur as a result of movement of strata. But what is a stratum? A stratum that contains water is soft, and a stratum that contains little water is hard. Therefore, when we say that a stratum slides, I think the change in water contents of stratum is causing the slide. It is human consciousness that changes water.
As many of you understand from my experiment, water likes the most to be loved and appreciated by humans. The same thing can be said about the underground water. So if humans on the ground offer love and thanks to them, the underground water would be happy and become stable. In other words, it won’t be fretful as much.

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water tomorrow. Let’s pray together for water. I am now in Shenzhen, China and I will pray from here. 


About the Art of Wa Ryu

About three and half years ago, a religious painter visited my office on the introduction of Shigenobu Katakura, the chief priest of the Aoba Shinto shrine in Sendai whom I sincerely respect.

The painter brought the art of Wa Ryu. The moment I looked the art, I was fascinated by it. Wa means “harmony” in Japanese, and also is used as an ancient name for the country of Japan. Nowadays, it is also used as a symbolic word for “peace.”

The reason I was surprised is because the right portion of the Chinese character of Wa, which symbolizes “mouth,” was designed as a dragon. Dragon is said to be the god of water in Japan. Thus, the art embodied the message that in order to create peace we need the cooperation of dragons, the god of water.

This design convinced and impressed me very much because, from twenty and some years of research of water, I strongly believed that true peace would not come unless we understand and respect the true nature of water.

The painter said about his style of painting as: “I draw what the god gives me as   divine instruction.” He is also instructed not to publicize his name and portrait as much as possible. Thus, I like to introduce him here as the artist T.

When I first met him, I got urge to show this art to water and take picture of its crystal. I asked him for consent, and he was also willing to do so.

After one week, the photograph was done. 

The following is the photograph.

 As you can see, it is very beautiful. 

This means that water was very pleased with the art. Water guaranteed that the artist T’s artwork is genuine.

When I gave the crystal photograph to him, he asked me as the following:
“Dr Emoto, will you please give this art to the people who works for the world peace?”
I readily accepted, as I truly wanted to do so. Moreover, I had another personal reason. My beloved wife’s name is Kazuko. (Kazu is the same Chinese character as Wa.) I thought if I carry this art with me, I could always be with my wife.

Thus, since then, when I work in overseas, I always receive about five pieces of his arts and bring with me. And, whether the person is famous or not, if he/she is sincerely working for creation of world peace without being ego-minded, I give the art in place of the artist T.  

According to the message from the god, which the artist T receives, “When this art of Wa Ryu is given out to all over the world, the true peace will come.” I believe so, too. Therefore, I will bring this art to the world with me, from today and tomorrow. When you see me carrying the art, please come and talk to me.


Report on “The World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima”

The ceremony held early in the morning on July 25 was concluded in a very meaningful way creating several positive miraculous occurring. You can watch the video footage on Ustream at ( )
There are few important things that I would like to share with you all.5:30 pm on July 24 We went to the park to have a meeting and get ready for next morning.
After the meeting, everybody was looking up the sky.
From the left;
Ikue Masudo, formerly known as Saya Takagi when she was an actress, volunteered to become MC of this ceremony, Michiko Hayashi, my PA, Masaru Emoto, Rasmus Gaup who works at our Lichtenstein Lab
Iridescent cloud is created by a rainbow passing through near the sun.
It has been said that it was an auspicious sign.
Surprisingly enough, there was an iridescent cloud near the setting sun.

According to the weather report,
this day was supposed to be a cloudy day because of the typhoon.

We also saw several clouds called dragon clouds.
We brought Angel Water to give out since local people were participating in the event early in the morning.
3:00 am on the 25th, we put everything ready in the venue.
The event opened with Morgan Fisher’s performance of keyboard improvisation. Morgan is a popular keyboard player and composer from England. He used to play with many well known musicians such as the band Queen on their concert tour. He also volunteered this time.
Ceremony has started. MC, Ikue Masudo and translator Fukiko Kai on the right.

At 3:51 in the morning, right before the ceremony began, the earthquake of Magnitude 6,2 has occurred. The epicenter was offshore of Fukushima Prefecture. We were at the beach only 40 Kilometers away. The earth shook for quite a long time and stopped.
I felt like the dragon in the ocean wanted to greet us saying “thank you for having the ceremony early in the morning. I am here watching over your work.”

The chief priest of Aoba Shrine in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture conducted a Shinto ceremony. I respect Reverend Shigenobu Takakura very much. We drink sake together sometimes. It was very appropriate and wonderful to begin this prayer event with his chanting when sending out our prayer from afflicted area in Japan.

After Reverend Katakura invoked the gods with his chanting, Megumu Nishino who is one of the best taiko drummers of Japan offered his taiko drumming. His performance was divinely perfect. He played at the ceremony of Nagano Olympic game, and he received an honorary award in Mongolia. He was introduced to me by the stage producer Norihiro Kubo when we had an event at Lake Biwa last year.

Next, Mr. Reiner who volunteered to come all the way from Germany conducted Agnihotra ceremony. Agnihotrais a fire ceremony taught in the Veda. In this ceremony, cow dung is burnt in the fire ritual at the moment of sunrise and sunset when they pray. It is said that Agnihotra purifies any contamination including radioactive matters in our atmosphere and land. They have a research result reported after Chernobyl accident has occurred and they have been conducting this ceremony over 20 years there.
7 people including local residents participated in this ritual.

I made opening remarks, and explained why we were holding this ceremony early morning on July 25. Then we sang the note 528 Hz which is supposed to reach the universe.

Next, I sang Japanese national anthem Kimigayo with the Japanese flag hanging.

 “Uchu-no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte, makoto no daiwa no miyo ga narinatta”
When the chanting was over, we saw the rising sun on the eastern sky even though it was supposed to be a rainy or cloudy day according to the weather report.
Dr. Vincent Seet gave a talk on behalf of Thailand.
His group donated Angel Water to the people in the afflicted area.
An animal activist who happened to walk in was introduced. He came from the U. S. to protect animals in the afflicted area. He was walking two dogs this time, but there are many dogs and cats that were left behind. He said they need helping hands. He came all the way to Fukushima without worrying about himself exposed to much radiation. We are very thankful.

The event ended with Morgan Fisher’s keyboard performance. He concluded the event with his joyful performance mixed with funny jokes.
After everything was over, many people stayed to take photographs.
I was very happy receiving flowers from my cute friends.
At the beach below the cliff,Michiko and Reiner and Rasmus poured ashes from Agnihotra and water given by Chief Priest of Heitate Shrine,Reverend Haruki into the Pacific Ocean.

We took the picture together afterwards.
Thank you very much for your hard work everyone.


"World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima"

We were able to do the water ceremony. "World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima" yesterday.  People in Fukushima participated in this event, and were touched greatly and were very pleased with this ceremony.

I would like to thank you all people around the world for participating in this event and sent your own prayers with your people at your place. Very moment when this ceremony started, we had an earthquake of magnitude 6,2.  Though there was no affect, and we conducted this ceremony as if there had been no earthquake.  I am certain that everyone's prayer from around the world reached Fukushima and weakened the earthquake.  Thank you very much for your prayers.

Unfortunately we could not broadcast our event live because the internet access was not good enough at the ceremony site.  So it was uploaded 3 hours after the time I had informed.I feel very regretful and would like to apologyze everyone.

Now you can see the event video without any problem, so I'd like to invite you all to the Ustreem movie we uploaded;

Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream


I just turned 68 years old today!,

Today is my birthday.

This morning, from my house's balcony overlooking Tokyo Bay, I
sent my thoughts of gratitude to God who brought me down to this
world and to my parents who accepted me very well.

And I swear for;
as one runner of human Ekiden race, we will think about how we can
pass the torch to our descendants smoothly and bring it down to all
runners around us.

This method would be taught by WATER. I found an
answer in Mizugokun, meaning Five Principles of Water, written by Jyosui Kuroda.

-- Mizugokun --

1. Making actions itself and make others act is WATER.
2. Encounting with difficuties and what makes itself 100 times more powerful is WATER.
3. Always pursuing its own path without stopping is WATER.
4. Being clean itself and have the capacity to wash off others clean is WATER.
5. Being much and fills the ocean,  evaporating and become mists, clouds and rain, transforming itself to snow and haze, consolidating itself and become a beautiful mirror, and still keeping its original property is WATER.

Please change to the word “Human” from  “WATER” in the above sentences. And
please read it again.
On this 68th birthday morning, I decided something. When I reach to such
enlightened state of mind, I will make my pen name “JYOSUI EMOTO.”

Please have a look my message on Youtube (the message is spoken in
English this time)

Otherwise, there is one group which prays in the following hope on the
22nd of every month. These prayers events are held by “Lemuria Renaissance” where Mr. Manabu Nani belongs.

We are very sorry to introduce you this event at very late timing-
noon of July 22nd, but, even 3 minutes is Okay, please pray all
together for LOVE and PEACE on this Earth.

On the project of “Prayers of Love and Peace” we have 4 big purposes.
“Make the world without nuclear weapon”
“Stop all wars from the world”
“Clean up『 WATER 』which is the source of all lives”
“Take back the intrinsic beautiful environment of Earth”

In the previous prayers, we prayed for WATER on “World Day for Water”, March 22nd, for EARTH ENVIRONMENT, we gave prayers on the “Earth Day” , April, 22nd.
Therefore, we put these 2 days together, and we will have prayers for
“WATER and ENVIRONMENT” on  the 22nd of every month, from now on.

With a lot of gratitude, when we image very shining Earth as a golden
apple and pray for Earth, the road of Earth ascension will be

With whole heart and love of each of us, let’s pray all together.
For your further information of “prayers project for LOVE and PEACE”,
please see the following website.


Let’s do our best, FUKUSHIMA! World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima

This year, on July 25th, Dr. Emoto will hold the water ceremony to offer love and gratitude to water in Fukushima, Japan since it received a severe blow from the nuclear accident. He will pray for the peace on the planet Earth with people around the world, collecting people’s powerful consciousness.
We would like you to please announce this event, and participate in this meaningful prayer ceremony at your own place.
The detail of the ceremony is as below:
Date: July 25th, 2011
Time: 4:00AM  6:00AM (Japan Time)
USA… California 12:00 noon July 24th
New York 15:00 July 24th
London … 20:00 July 24th
Paris … 21:00 July 24th
Moscow … 23:00 July 24th
Bangkok … 2:00 July 25th
Beijing, Singapore, Taipei … 3:00 July 25th
Seoul … 4:00 July 25th
Sidney … 5:00 July 25th
Ustream link to see the ceremony video:
The place: Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan
Iwaki Misaki Park

Event includes:
● Agnithotra fire ceremony conducted by Mr. Reiner.

This ceremony has been offered for over 20 years in order to reduce the effect of radiation at Chernobyl
● Japanese Taiko Drum Performance by Kei Nishino
● Accessing free energy of the universe
● Silent Prayer for; disaster victim’s peace in heaven
Dr. Jose Arguelles’ peace in heaven
Dr. Jose Arguelles is the person who taught me about Mayan calendar. It is truly regrettable that he passed away on March 23rd this year. We would like to offer our prayer for his peace in heaven.
● Opening remarks by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Chairman of Emoto Peace Project, nonprofit organization
● Ceremony of Offering Love and Gratitude to Water lead by Dr. Masaru Emoto

● Chant “The Grand Invocation” with everyone.? We will chant it three times.
● Introducing messages of encouragement from people around the world to Fukushima residents●
 Dance and folk song performance by local people
● Song of Joy by all participants

This event will be shown worldwide in Ustream as soon as the ceremony is finished at around 6:00AM on the 25th of July Japan Time (evening or night of the 24th Sunday in American Continent and Europe)
It will make it easy for great number of people around the world to join this prayer for world peace through internet. We hope one million people will be putting their hearts together simultaneously.

Please pass around this information to your friends. Prayer and positive energy sent by as many people as possible will be able to surpass negative energy. We would like to ask you please join us through internet and offer your sincere prayers with us. If you are able to come to Japan and join us, you are most welcome to be with us.

We would be most grateful if you can please send us your kind donation for this event organized by the Nonprofit Organization EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, we thank you with all our heart. Please know that even a small amount of donation would be truly helpful for us to implement this event for the peace on earth. We thank you very much in advance.The bank information is the followings:

By Paypal :
Bank information:Payee: EMOTO Project
Bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Branch: Asakusabashi
Account Number: 0941063
Bank Code: 0005
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
(There is no IBAN code in Japan.
IBAN is not necessary to send money to Japanese banks.)

Thank you very much.
We look forward to doing this significant water ceremony with you on July 25th!!!
With love and gratitude,
Michiko Hayashi


Thank you, Nadeshiko Japan!!

Early morning on 18th, I got up at 3:30 to watch the women’s soccer game on TV because Japanese team was playing in World Cup.

As you know, the result made the entire nation extremely happy. Japanese team endured attack by strong American team, then in the second half when everyone must have thought they would lose, they made miraculous goal twice. And on top of that, they fought so well in the PK game to win the title.

It has passed more than a day since then, but I am still very exited. Probably many Japanese people are feeling the same way. Especially, people who are affected by the earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear accident must feel very encouraged by this game better than by any other words of sympathy or encouragement.

I do feel that this victory of Nadeshiko Japan in the World Cup Soccer has a very remarkable significance in the history of mankind.

The  disaster that occurred in the Tohoku region, Japan was really one of the worst in our history. Of course, there must have been bigger ones in ancient time on this planet.

But it is not easy to track back what exactly happened since they did not have good system to transfer the information back then. We know that the population of the world was much smaller and there wasn’t any big city.

The earthquake and tsunami occurred off Sumatra in December, 2004 was probably as big as this one happened to Japan, and the numbers of the victims and people who are lost are about 10 times bigger. However, it seems like the latest disaster had the impact 10 times bigger. People around the world were very sympathetic. Why is it so?

One reason could be that we did not see as many visual images of the disaster area in live broadcast due to lack of infrastructure back then. On the other hand the disaster in Japan was shown so vividly on screen almost simultaneously when it occurred, and people in each and every corner of the world were able to see and feel exactly what it was like as if it was happening to them so that they were able to share the sentiment of Japanese people so closely.

Another reason could be that it was not only natural disaster such as earthquake and tsunami but also manmade disaster nuclear accident was involved in this tragedy.

In other words, nuclear accident is not something that could only happen to Japan, there is a possibility that any other country that has nuclear power plant has the danger of the same type of accident. People in those countries must have felt like they were on the same boat.

The women’s soccer world cup was held in this kind of vibration on the planet level. How many Japanese were even aware that Nadeshiko Japan team was selected when they left Narita airport? Probably only families and relatives knew that. I am a big soccer lover, but even I didn’t know about that.

However, more and more news were reported from Frankfurt, Germany as they kept winning the game. The whole country was getting excited gradually as we hear the news such as “Nadeshiko Japan beats xx team” or “Nadeshiko Japan passed preliminary round.” And the news became so big when they went to semi final after winning against German team which was supposed to be very tough. The semi final match against Swedish team was held and had a kick off at 3:30 in the morning Japan time, but, rarely enough, 10 % of the whole nation watched the TV program. 

I haven’t heard how many people watched the final game yet, but I am sure that the number was much greater. That day happened to be a holiday in Japan.

When the team members were playing the final game, more than several million people in Japan were sending their prayer to support the team in the soccer field in Frankfurt. I also think that the same kind of support was sent to them from most countries except the USA.

The reason was that Japan was severely victimized by the disaster and people were sympathetic on the planet level as I mentioned earlier.

As a result, miracle occurred. Japan was able to get the victory even though it was never able to win against world number one America in last 25 games.

It seems like the team members were feeling the vibration. They felt that they could send encouragement to the people in afflicted areas by playing well in the game, therefore they should never give up. It was almost divine inspiration.

We will be having a prayer ceremony in Fukushima on July 25, and the huge typhoon is attacking Japan now, 6 days before the event. It is supposed to leave here soon and will be far away in the eastern Pacific Ocean around 24. I think even this typhoon could be the divine water blessing by our great nature. Our event to send the prayer of love and gratitude was blessed by water.

I am looking forward to having many of you join in our prayer ceremony with a beautiful sunrise in Fukushima via webcast.


Today is the 11th, the day to send our prayer at noon.

We are sending our prayer at noon on the 11th of every month. There is a reason why I asked you to participate in this.

I was just another ordinary man before I published the book titled “Messages from Water” and “The Hidden Massages in Water.” Since the publication of these books I have been invited to many countries around the world to give seminars. Now, after 10 years or so, I became somewhat known and many people regard me someone like a leading figure of spirituality. As noted on this blog on April 14, to my amazement, British magazine Watkins placed me on the 18th among 100 world spiritual leaders. 

People send me various kinds of information through social network system such as Facebook which I happened to join casually.

Among them there are some information predicting possible catastrophic incidents. I grew more concerned as the number of this kind of letter increased.

Initially, I thought it was foolish to take them seriously. If I give out the information to the public it might cause panic in the society. So, I decided to just ignore them. 

But, I also asked myself what would I do if even only one of them was right and if something really did happen. I would feel terribly sorry to the victims about not doing anything beforehand despite the fact I knew something might happen.

There is a saying in Japanese. “If you are prepared well there is nothing to worry about.” So, I decided to ask all my friends around the world to be well prepared.

And, the best way to prepare is to pray sincerely for the peace and well being of our mother nature on this planet with as many people as possible.

That is the reason why I am asking you to recite the Grand Invocation taught by my revered teacher late Dr. Nobuo Shioya, together with me. Here is the Japanese version.
“Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte,
Makoto no daiwa no miyo ga nari natta.”

We recited this mantra at the lakeshore of Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan when we had a ceremony on July 25, twelve years ago. Lake Biwa is called the mother lake of Japan. Afterwards, we heard amazing news that the local newspaper announced. The terrible odor that spread surrounding area in the season every year was completely gone.

I did not know the reason why this happened, back then, but now, I can understand it with the scientific analysis. I can explain how powerful the act of reciting mantra and praying can be.

I will explain the mechanism further on this blog again. Today, I would like to ask you all to believe the power of prayer. Let us all recite the Grand Invocation at noon.