I just turned 68 years old today!,

Today is my birthday.

This morning, from my house's balcony overlooking Tokyo Bay, I
sent my thoughts of gratitude to God who brought me down to this
world and to my parents who accepted me very well.

And I swear for;
as one runner of human Ekiden race, we will think about how we can
pass the torch to our descendants smoothly and bring it down to all
runners around us.

This method would be taught by WATER. I found an
answer in Mizugokun, meaning Five Principles of Water, written by Jyosui Kuroda.

-- Mizugokun --

1. Making actions itself and make others act is WATER.
2. Encounting with difficuties and what makes itself 100 times more powerful is WATER.
3. Always pursuing its own path without stopping is WATER.
4. Being clean itself and have the capacity to wash off others clean is WATER.
5. Being much and fills the ocean,  evaporating and become mists, clouds and rain, transforming itself to snow and haze, consolidating itself and become a beautiful mirror, and still keeping its original property is WATER.

Please change to the word “Human” from  “WATER” in the above sentences. And
please read it again.
On this 68th birthday morning, I decided something. When I reach to such
enlightened state of mind, I will make my pen name “JYOSUI EMOTO.”

Please have a look my message on Youtube (the message is spoken in
English this time)

Otherwise, there is one group which prays in the following hope on the
22nd of every month. These prayers events are held by “Lemuria Renaissance” where Mr. Manabu Nani belongs.

We are very sorry to introduce you this event at very late timing-
noon of July 22nd, but, even 3 minutes is Okay, please pray all
together for LOVE and PEACE on this Earth.

On the project of “Prayers of Love and Peace” we have 4 big purposes.
“Make the world without nuclear weapon”
“Stop all wars from the world”
“Clean up『 WATER 』which is the source of all lives”
“Take back the intrinsic beautiful environment of Earth”

In the previous prayers, we prayed for WATER on “World Day for Water”, March 22nd, for EARTH ENVIRONMENT, we gave prayers on the “Earth Day” , April, 22nd.
Therefore, we put these 2 days together, and we will have prayers for
“WATER and ENVIRONMENT” on  the 22nd of every month, from now on.

With a lot of gratitude, when we image very shining Earth as a golden
apple and pray for Earth, the road of Earth ascension will be

With whole heart and love of each of us, let’s pray all together.
For your further information of “prayers project for LOVE and PEACE”,
please see the following website.

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