We visited Asahi City of Chiba.

Activity Report No.3 March 25th, Friday

Asahi City is about 1.5 hours East from our office in Tokyo  by drive. 

There are still damages that we could clearly see in the town even after 2 weeks Tsunami hit.

There were some empty fields between the houses and we were told there used to be houses in these places but Tsunami just destroyed them and now no more houses.  

We wanted to bring our water directly to people in shelters but it was not possible and we delivered our water to the local disaster countermeasures office who can store the water and deliver them to people when they need.

People there said “the distilled water which is good for infants to drink is very useful and thank you. It will take a long time for people to get the normal life back so we appreciate your supports.”

We also dropped some water crystal books for children and I told them to hand them out to children.

These people are working as volunteers and they gave out wonderful positive Hado.

We will do to help people in our hado ways. We were very happy that we could deliver water today.

I truly hope these people will get their normal life back as soon as possible.

I stopped over at a convenience store on the way back and there were words “Only one water per person to buy” Gee, lack of water everywhere now!  

With love and gratitude,

Hiro Emoto
Emoto Peace Project




Activity Report No.2 – March 24th, Thursday

Amount of donation we have received as of March 24rd, 2011:  

Donations from Paypal: 805,906 Yen
Donations from International Bank Remittance: 2,126,790 Yen

Total Donations: 2,932,696 Yen

According to our research, there are 409 people currently living in shelters in Asahi city of Chiba.
I called the local disaster countermeasures office and I was told that they do not accept any aids from persons but they do accepts certain amount of food or something from organizations or companies. So we are happy to know that they can accept our water!
There are 4 shelters in Asahi city. So the disaster office understands what they need for each shelter. Our aid is “Water” and I told the person about it on the phone and he said it would be nice to receive 500 mil pet bottles of water rather than 2 liter bottle.   

So we will deliver 500ml bottles of“Water we thank you” to Asahi shelters tomorrow.   

On the other hand, the government reported there were radiation substances detected from Tokyo’s tap water today. Government advised not to use the Tokyo’s tap water for drinking specially for babies and infants. Now all the mineral water bottles are gone from supermarkets in Tokyo.

In such a time, we had a positive meeting here in our office about a plan to send our prayer to water in Tokyo and experiments to photograph water crystals from Tokyo’s tap water and also Tokyo’s tap water after certain kind of information is imprinted to water.  These things should be mentioned in our blog in next week from Dr. Emoto.

With love and gratitude

Yoshiaki Ooki
Emoto peace project


Activity Report No. 1 – March 23, 2011


Amount of donation we have received as of March 23rd, 2011:  

Donations from Paypal: 682,260 Yen
Donations from International Bank Remittance: 1,762,166 Yen

Total Donations: 2,444,426 Yen

We would like to expand our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has donated EMOTO PEACE PROJECT to help people at the disaster areas in Japan. We are honored to be able to help them with you as a big global team! 

We are pleased to let you know that we will bring the first water bottles to the shelters in Asahi city of Chiba prefecture on the 25th of March!   

Asahi city was damaged by Tsunami on March 11th; 12 people died and 3 people are still missing, 345 people are now in shelters such as gymnasiums, city halls, schools and welfare centers.  Because Asahi city is not in the main disaster area, the Japanese government has not been able to give enough support.  The flu has started to go around in the shelters. So, we decided to take “Thank you, Water” to them as our first activity. 

Currently, the roads to and from north where the catastrophe occurred are still open to only limited people coming and going by vehicles, because so many roads have been closed due to the disaster. We are also having the fuel problems in north and Tokyo; not enough gasoline. So, we must wait until these problems are solved, which we hope very soon!  As soon as the problems are solved, we will bring water to north, disaster areas.

We will do the best we can to help our friends who need our hands. We are certain that they will be grateful and encouraged to know that all of you have been thinking of them and supporting them.

Thank you, everyone, for being part of our big global team!

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto