Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water tomorrow.

August 10

Tomorrow marks five months since the tragic event. Time flashed by. In Japan, there have been several hundreds of noticeable aftershocks occurred in and around Tohoku district (northern Honshu area) though they did not end in a serious disaster. I am just concerned that the epicenters are moving down to Chuetsu and Kanto districts. However, I am hoping that these powers are dispersed as the result of our prayer.

I have been interviewed by overseas magazines and internet radio stations about how our prayer affects to brake earthquake occurrence. Let me share one of those interviews. I hope this would build up momentum for tomorrow’s prayer.


Question: Dr Emoto on 25 July this year you held a water ceremony that linked up with people around the world to offer love and gratitude to the water at Fukushima, Japan, since it received the severe blows from the nuclear accident. Will you please share with us how this ceremony has changed the quality of the water there and what changes have you noticed?

Answer: So far, at the three-dimensional level, we have not observed any changes. From the previous experiences, I estimate it would take few months to see any visible results.
Nevertheless, on the day of the event and the following day, natural phenomenon such as iridescent clouds, dragon clouds, and clouds shaped ryudragon in Chinese characterappeared in the sky.
Since clouds are visible forms of waters, I believe those phenomenon occurred as the signs that the water molecules at the site were pleased.
As atmosphere and soils are affected, whether positively or negatively, by water molecules they contain, I think that continuing performance of such purification ceremonies would bring all good results.

I consider the phenomena of the earth are the works of water molecules. It is said that earthquakes occur as a result of movement of strata. But what is a stratum? A stratum that contains water is soft, and a stratum that contains little water is hard. Therefore, when we say that a stratum slides, I think the change in water contents of stratum is causing the slide. It is human consciousness that changes water.
As many of you understand from my experiment, water likes the most to be loved and appreciated by humans. The same thing can be said about the underground water. So if humans on the ground offer love and thanks to them, the underground water would be happy and become stable. In other words, it won’t be fretful as much.

Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water tomorrow. Let’s pray together for water. I am now in Shenzhen, China and I will pray from here. 

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