Please Help the Children of Fukushima ~ An Urgent Message from Masaru Emoto

The warnings and attention regarding radioactive material that was scattered by the accident near the nuclear plant in Fukushima, has seemed to calm down, but the actual situation is not so. The Japanese Government is putting off the solution to all problems, hiding the facts, and with irresponsibility and a non-humanitarian post processing policy. 

Properly speaking, it’s the responsibility of Japanese government to solve this problem. Currently, in the present political situation, it is very difficult to persuade or move them. But, when we consider the future of the children's health, there is not a second to lose. If Japan becomes a country of fallout, this is not only a problem in Japan, as it will sweep over this earth like domino in the twinkling of an eye. Even Japanese citizens are not informed of the facts.

For example, the hospitals in Fukushima performed the thyroidal echo check on children 18 years or younger, living in Fukushima in last August. There were 38,000 children examined and a thyroid gland cyst or a tubercle was found on 36% of the children who were examined.

I became aware of this after reading an article, “The Nuclear Sacrifice of Our Children: 14 Recommendations to Help Radiation Contaminated Japan" written by Dr. Helen Cardicott, an Australian pediatrician. Dr. Helen is a well-known doctor of medicine worldwide and was also a candidate for a Nobel Prize. She warns us that if no one takes measures against the radiation exposure to children and people of Fukushima, the results may be the worst ever.

According to the reports, in the case of  the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant accident, thyroid cancer began to be discovered in 3-4 years after the accident happened.  Since then, over 92,000 people have been diagnosed of thyroid cancer. It is no doubt that the amount of radioactive iodine the children in Fukushima absorbed was tremendously high, because symptom already began to appear at a much early time period.

I have been studying about water and Hado for the past 25 years. In October 1999 when the Tokaimura radiation leak accident happened, I took crystal photograph of the water from a well located only 400 meters away from the scene of the accident .

This crystal picture below represents a  water sample affected by the radioactive material.

Since radioactive material is a material of the ‘Hado’ world, I was not surprised to see that the damaged crystal image from the radiation contaminated water changed to a beautiful crystal image, when I imprinted the Hado of “Love and Gratitude” into the water that was previously contaminated with radiation.

The fact that this beautiful diamond shaped water crystal formed from the same radiation water after the Hado of love & gratitude was imprinted, means that the Law of Nature settled into the water, that is, the influence of a radioactive material has been successfully removed.

As a medical doctor of alternative medicine from 1987 to 1997, I examined many of the patients who suffered from cancers and other disease. During that time I successfully assisted the patient in curing their illness using the water that I imprinted with Hado information. Using the same method, I have confidence that if the children and people of Fukushima drink the Hado water that we can provide, that the fearful radiations effects Dr. Helen’s article warned can can absolutely be avoided.

However, the government is supervising so that people may not perform business which takes the advantage of a disaster or selling something which is not yet accepted by the government. Telling people that this product is effective to reduce radioactive influence is strongly forbidden. Officially I believe that it is blaspheming to sell water to children. So, I started a nonprofit organization to appeal for cooperation to many people. The Emoto Peace Project.

I ask each of you for your corporation, especially to all of the people living overseas. I have asked similar requests to the world when the last earthquake hit in Japan and we were grateful to have received the support of many donations from around the world. It is unfortunate to have to ask of you such a request again, but, in order to save the the future health of the children in Fukushima, we need provide the water continuously and we need supporters to do so.

I am currently recruiting new overseas members for non-profit organization, The Emoto Peace Project (EPP). With the help of donation from supporters, like you, we have distributed the children version of “Message from Water” for the past six years to the children around the world for free. At the moment, there are supporters in thirty different countries, and books are printed in each language.

If you are interested in supporting our peace project, I sincerely ask you to support by making a donation. It doesn’t matter how much, and amount helps and WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you resonate with my work and mission, I would like to ask you to make a special donation and apply to join the Emoto Peace Project Membership.

Join Peacemakers Around the world with The Emoto Peace Project Membership

EPP Membership Qualification: 
A person who resonates with Masaru Emoto, a missionary of water, a person willing to work with him and share the activities to achieve global peace. 

1.EPP Corporate Membership
Corporate Members will have a right to use commercially the crystal pictures which were taken in our laboratory and have been published in the past. (An application is needed in advance.) Annual fee : US$3000 or Euro2400

2.EPP Special Membership
Special member will receive 100 books of Children version of “Messages from Water”.
Annual fee: US$1300 or Euro 1000

3.EPP General Membership
General member will receive an English newsletter by E-mail in three months. You can also contributes messages freely in the newsletter.
Annual fee : US$200 or Euro150

To request a membership application please email

Donations or Memberships Payment can be made by Paypal to

I very much appreciate each and every one of you and your participation and especially any contribution to our global peace movement by citizens of world.

With my sincere love & gratitude,

Masaru Emoto
Water Messenger
Chairman - Emoto Peace Project (EPP)


Love and gratitude and prayer for the children of Fukushima

14th October Sunday at 8 o’clock in the morning, Dr. Emoto and four of his staff set off in a van from Tokyo to attend an event that was to be held in Ko-oriyama, Fukushima, the establishing of a new organization ‘The parents’ organization to provide safe water to the children of Fukushima’.

Dr. Emoto had just returned from Hawaii where he attended and gave a speech at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine. He has in the past aided almost 10 thousand people with their health issues and with the knowledge of Hado and water, has been able to strengthen the immune system of which the results of his research has been published in one of his books ‘Prelude to Hado Era’. His research was praised by the Open International University of Sri Lanka and he was awarded Doctor of Alternative Medicine. We were happy to hear that his speech in Hawaii was a great success. During the 3 1/2hours trip to Ko-oriyama, we had meetings and checked the latest slides that we were to show at the event.

We had lunch at a popular Misoya-ramenn (noodle) restaurant, close to Ko-oriyama Yuracs where the ceremony was to take place. While waiting outside in line, there was a couple that smiled at Dr. Emoto and staff wearing the Wa-Ryu T-shirts who turned out to be one of the participants. It was an unexpected encounter. We enjoyed our lunch and headed for the event.

13:30 The establishing of the new organization ‘The parents’ organization to provide safe water to the children of Fukushima’ began held by NPO Emoto Peace Project.

Venue of the event

The ceremony opened with the showing of the film ‘INORI Prayer~Conversation with Something Great’, directed by Tetsu Shiratori. It was the first time for this film to be shown in the Tohoku region. It is based on the story of Kazuo Murakami, Emeritus Professor at Tsukuba University, of how the genes could be turned on by ‘laughter’, ‘joy’ and ‘gratitude’.

*To make savings in Heaven
*To bow one’s head does not cost anything (there was laughter from the audience)
*Prayer led to discovery
*Those who receive prayer heal better

are some topics that left a deep impression. After the movie, there were people who were wiping their eyes with their handkerchiefs which moved me.

During the break, there were many people who came to buy books and Wa-Ryu T-shirts. There was a boy who came up to Dr. Emoto to get his book signed and was asked ‘Do some study on water in the future’. He looked a little embarrassed but he smiled happily.

Dr. Emoto’s speech.

The photos and videos of water crystal experiments by exposing water to the prayer Hannyashinkyou and the nuclear experiments that have been conducted worldwide brought silence to the audience. He also showed the picture of the water crystal after the radiation leak accident in JCO Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture and of another picture which showed a beautiful crystal after impressing the water with information that enhances the immune system. Immunity or self-healing abilities means that there is no stress and shows how important it is for the human body to have the information of love and gratitude. He talked of the ‘MRET-Angel Water’ developed by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D. which have achieved good scientific results in the USA and the participants listened intently.

At last, time to distribute the ‘MRET-Angel Water’ (600ml X 16 bottles). They all carried the heavy cases to take home looking very happy.

The event for ‘The parents’ organization to provide safe water to the children of Fukushima’ was attended by over 80 participants from Fukushima Prefecture and other Prefectures and was a great success. We will continue to distribute safe water to the children of Fukushima and hope to transform this into a nation-wide and world-wide activity. We would like to thank all those that participated in this event. Thank you all very much.

We gave away a box of Angel Water to participant

Love, Gratitude

Written by Ryoko Nasukawa


The 14th Hado Instructor School in Scotland :Day 3

The last day of Hado Instructor School started with Dr. Emoto’s class, “Power of Prayer”. In his class, he talked about what he accomplished when he had a prayer ceremony at Lake Biwa in 1999 and also another ceremony at Lake Baikal in 2008 with using different slides. He also talked about “cloud clearing game” and through these events, he explained about power of prayer.

Next class was Rasmus’s “New Science of Water”. He explained about how he met with Dr. Emoto and it was a very interesting story so I would like to share with you.

First of all, Rasmus’s father was a big fan of Dr. Emoto’s work on water and he organized Dr. Emoto’s seminar in Switzerland more than 10 years ago then they became friends. After that, he recommended Rasmus to go to Tokyo to study about the water crystal experiment because Rasmus studied science in the university and Rasmus’s father though this water crystal experiment needs more scientific approach and he thought it is good for both. Then, Rasmus came to our water crystal lab in Tokyo together with his fiancé, Lisbeth and they had the training for one month.

Rasmus confessed this time at the Hado School about this that he first wanted to disprove Dr. Emoto’s work because he thought there was no way the music or people’s consciousness could influence water and changed the water crystalline structures at that time. However, as he photographed water crystals, he began to get drawn into the beauty of water crystals and realized that the water can react to different information.  After the training was finished, he went back to Europe and shortly after that, he established Hado Life Europe where he produced numerous of water crystal photos in next 10 years.

Now he is not only working as a researcher but also as a speaker and visiting many different places to give seminars about water in Europe. It is so precious to have him in our team because he has scientific background and mind yet produces a lot of water crystal photographs.

This time in his class, he talked about not only his research on water crystals but also different water experiments done by different scientists. He always speaks about information on most advanced water researches in the world so it is very interesting. There were many questions which were asked to Rasmus after his class.

Rasmus's class "New Science of Water"

Participants seriously listening to Rasmus's class

 After the delicious lunch, Kumanga, the organizer of this Hado School gave a talk. She talked about how Dr. Emoto’s work changed her life and how she met with him and training on water crystal experiment she took in Tokyo and also the plan to set up water crystal lab in Scotland. She is a very pure person and I can see people around her at the Nilpul center are same. I am sure that they can create a successful water crystal lab because purity is very important to this experiment.

The next class was done by Lindsey Kemp from New Jersey, USA. She came to the last Hado School in Aso, Japan to become a Hado Instructor. At that time, her purpose for the visit was to make a documentary film on Dr. Emoto’s work so she took an award winning professional camera man to Japan with her. Even though the film is not completed yet with different reasons at the moment, instead, she developed a wonderful mobile application for iPhone called “My Hado” and now it is available to download everywhere in the world. She said that she has been having a lot of synchronicities since she came to Hado School and now she follows her intuitions and make a decision and that is why she came all the way to Scotland by own expense to support this Hado Instructor School this time. She is a very cheerful person who gives energies to people around and she looked after the participants very kindly this time and she was so helpful for everyone.

She talked about the information on My Hado application.

Then the last class of the 14th Hado Instructor School was of course Dr. Emoto’s class. He talked about Emoto Peace Project. He said this project is his primary mission. He believes many issues that we face around the world today such as race issue, religious issue, environmental issue would be solved in the future by children reading the book, Messages from Water now. Water is essential for our lives in regardless of race, religion, and environment but we don’t know much about water and that is why we have so many conflicts.

Carmen from Hong Kong who joined Hado Instructor School this time has already doing her activities with local children by creating the book for children in Chinese version and distributing them to children and giving them teachings on water and power of the mind by herself. We are so pleased to have her in our team and we were even happier when she said she would like to organize Hado Instructor School for Chinese speaking people. It would be great if that happens. So it is very important to teach theses this water messages to children as a Hado Instructor for the world peace.

At the end, we had a closing ceremony and everyone received a certificate as a Hado Instructor. Also, they received CD rom which contains all the slides and video files that Dr. Emoto used at his classes and 500 water crystal images together with Hado Instructor budge.   

This time, we had 11 Hado Instructors which is not many but we can visualize that each one of them will spread the water messages and Hado to their own communities then that will spread our more and more. We are very happy with the outcome of the school this time and we would like to give great thanks to Kumanga for making this Hado School happens and also staffs at Nilpul Foundation for their great supports.
Participants and Nilpul staffs with great smiles!

We will have a next Hado Instructor School in Merida, Mexico from Dec. 15th to 18th and now we are inviting participants. Please join us if you are interested in becoming a Hado Instructor!  Click here to get details on next Hado Instructor School:

Written by Hiro Emoto



The 14th Hado Instructor School in Scotland :Day 2

The second day of Hado Instructor School started with a seminar by Ven. Karma Jiga who is a head of Nilupul Center here. Ven. Karma Jiga is a local Scottish and when he was 21 years old, he entered Buddhist priesthood. When he was young, he felt he is different from everybody around him and when he first visited Tibet, he felt it is the place he belongs to. Then after that, he went to Tibet to go through Buddhist training to become a Buddhist monk. Then, he went back to Scotland and established a Buddhist temple to spread Buddhism and taught meditations. He is well respected by people here in Dundee. He is also a Hado Instructor who came to the Hado Instructor School in Lake Biwa, Japan together with Kumanga. 

Karma Jiga's "Hado and Mindfulness" 

 In his seminar, he introduced the teaching of Buddhism through five elements and at the end, we practiced meditation together with everybody.

The next class was “Messages from Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He used so many different slides of water crystals to explain how the different information can affect water in different ways. 

 Dr. Emoto's class, "Messages from Water"

After the lunch at the Nilpul center, we had a class by Michel Factor. She used crystal bowls to make beautiful vibrations for everybody to make meditations. We tasted the water that was in the crystal bowls and the most of people felt the taste of the water became sweeter. There were full of energy made by the crystal bowls in the room. 

 The last seminar of the day was Dr. Emoto’s “Power of Kotodama (Spirit of words)” Again he used water crystal slides and video to explain how the water can be changed by different words. He said that “a human being is 70% water so when you look at these water crystals that were affected by words, please always remember this happens the same to the water in side of your body.” So it is important for everybody to use positive words to make healthy environment and that is a key to the world peace.”

In the evening, we moved to a very nice hotel in the suburb of Dundee by car and had a dinner party with participants. 

 Hotel where we had dinner party 

Dr. Emoto looks happy!

Dinner party with special local food

When we were having the dinner at a private room, Kumanga told us that “there is a surprise for you” and we were wondering what that is and shortly, several people came to our room and started to set up different instruments. Then, they started to play local Scottish music. The flute player of the band was a Maggie, who is a staff at Nilpul center. She was playing beautifully together with other members of the band and it is nice to see people at different ages playing the Scottish traditional songs together. They said there is a culture in Scotland that man and woman dance together with the songs so some people including me (forced to) danced. 

 Sottish songs are so nice 

Matt from England dancing sophisticatedly 

Dr. Emoto singing with the band

Dr. Emoto requested a local song which was also translated into Japanese and popular in Japan, and he sang the song with the band in Japanese. Everyone liked that and the music performance was finished with great éclat. 

However, the surprise was not finished yet. After that the Karaoke system was prepared in 
the room for everyone. 

Kumanga told us that when she joined the Hado Instructor School in Aso, Japan last time,
she felt it was so impressive that we had a Karaoke party together with all the participants 

and became one with music so she decided to have the Karaoke party this time too despite
the karaoke is not so popular in Scotland.

So the Karaoke party started and of course Dr. Emoto started to sing and also other 
participants sang and we had a great time. Dr. Emoto always says at his seminar “Water 
loves music so please listen to good music every time for your water inside. And the water 
inside of your body loves the owner to sing songs the most because water inside of your 
body is like sitting on a best seat of a concert hall and listening the music. Of course the 
owner has to sing beautifully!” 

 Dr. Emoto singing with Carmen from Hong Kong

Rasmus, Jonathan, and Lindsay singing together

We can say this Karaoke party is one of the most important learning of the Hado Instructor
School and the Karaoke might be the required class for the participants from now on. 

Written by Hiro Emoto 


The first day of 14th Hado Instructor School in Scotland

The 14th Hado Instructor School took place in Scotland from Sep. 18th to 21st. Kumanga, who is also a Hado Instructor is the co-organizer of the Hado School this time and she has been working very hard to organize the Hado Instructor School.

The venue for the Hado School was Nilpul Foundation center which is located on the 3rd floor of beautiful English style building in the center of city of Dundee. The Nilpul foundation is a not for profit organization and people can learn meditation, have different kind of healing sessions and seminars. Kumanga is working for the foundation and the foundation kindly offered us to use the nice seminar space there for the Hado School. All the staffs there are working as volunteers. (Please visit their website for more information They are a group of beautiful people.

The number of the participants for the Hado School this time was 11 and they are from Scotland, England, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Hungary, Thailand and Hong Kong. As an organizer, it is better to have more people but as participants, it is better to be less people because each person can get more attention.

All the participants were gathered for lunch at Nilpul Center at noon and had lunch together. They seemed to be a little nervous but I can clearly see their expectation for what is coming for 3 days. After the lunch, the opening ceremony of the Hado School started at the seminar room. 

Firstly, one of the speakers for the Hado School, Ven. Karma Jiga started the school with his words and prayer. After that Dr. Emoto who is a principal of the school called everybody’s names and they introduced themselves. We have different people with different occupations and from different countries and background but they all came here for the same purpose.  

Ven. Karmajiga's prayer  

Dr. Emoto started the first seminar “Theory of Hado”. As he does always, he used different slides and videos and tuning folks to explain clearly about the principal of Hado. 

 Dr. Emoto demonstrating tuning folks

Next seminar was Rasmus Gaupp, who is a head researcher of Lichtenstein branch office introduced the technology of “Sound of Soul” and demonstrated the device. This newly developed device which has a purpose of music therapy can create customized music based on client’s heart frequencies. Rasmus spoke about its technology and how human though and stresses can affect their heart. It can show how much the person’s heart is opened or not on the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) He demonstrated the device with participants and it is very interesting that everyone has different music. Everybody there were so interested in his talk and after that they all had their own “heat music” in CD. You can get the information on this “Sound of Soul” from this website:

 Rasmus's seminar about "Sound of Soul"

The seminars for the first day of Hado Instructor School was finished for the day and everybody had nice dinner together at local restaurant and talked to get to know each other. 

written by Hiro Emoto 


Dr. Emoto's first visit to Scotland

Dr. Emoto and myself, came to Scotland for the 14th Hado Instructor School. We came to a city called Dundee. It took long hours from Japan to get there so we were slightly tired by the time we arrived Dundee.
The organizer of the Hado Instructor School this time is Kumanga who came to the 12th Hado Instructor School in Lake Biwain Japan to become a Hado Instructor. She is originally from Sri Lanka and she has lived in the city of Dundee for 5 years to study at local University and she also came to Japan 2 years ago to study water crystal photography at our office in Tokyo for 1 month. Her aim is to open up water crystal laboratory in Scotland. So she is a Hado Instructor who has a great passion for Hado.

In the evening that we arrived, she had a welcome party for us at an apartment that we will stay.


 Kumanga and Dr. Emoto
 As you can see in the photo, they prepared a scotch whiskey for Dr. Emoto who likes to drink.

She is Maggie, one of the organizers and she works with ADD children on music sound therapy.

He is Rev. Karma Jiga who also came to attend Hado Instructor School at Lake Biwa with Kumanga. He is a Buddhist monk who has a Buddhist temple in Scotland. Very friendly person and we became good friends.

A photo of Dr. Emoto in front of an old cathedral in Dundee

Next day, Lindsay, who is also a Hado Instructor came all the way from New Jersey.Lindsay and Kumanga were together when we had Hado Instructor School in Aso, Japan last time and I assume that the Heitate Shrine brought their bond.

Also, Mr. Yamaguchi from Gendai Reiki will join us on the 20th.

We are exited about what’s coming here in this week! 

Written by Hiro Emoto 


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
For all people who are wishing for the peace of this one year, let's think deeply of water related issue:

* Why can't we live without water?
* Why can't water and oil mixed with each other?
* Why can water exist beyond dimensions and is capable of changing its appearance?
* Why does water have the surface tension?
* Water is capable of storing memories and transmitting them. Why is it?

I'd like you to please think of them very seriously. If you do, dragon deity will be pleased and will not get angry any more.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Missionary of Water