"World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima"

We were able to do the water ceremony. "World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima" yesterday.  People in Fukushima participated in this event, and were touched greatly and were very pleased with this ceremony.

I would like to thank you all people around the world for participating in this event and sent your own prayers with your people at your place. Very moment when this ceremony started, we had an earthquake of magnitude 6,2.  Though there was no affect, and we conducted this ceremony as if there had been no earthquake.  I am certain that everyone's prayer from around the world reached Fukushima and weakened the earthquake.  Thank you very much for your prayers.

Unfortunately we could not broadcast our event live because the internet access was not good enough at the ceremony site.  So it was uploaded 3 hours after the time I had informed.I feel very regretful and would like to apologyze everyone.

Now you can see the event video without any problem, so I'd like to invite you all to the Ustreem movie we uploaded;

Live Video app for Facebook by Ustream

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