“Do Re Mi Song” at the Universiade Opening Ceremony

I came back on the 13th from about 10-days of work in China. In Shenzhen, the Universiade was holding a place in Shenzhen, and there was the opening ceremony on the night of 12th. I happened to hear the live broadcasting from the radio in a taxi. I heard a part of the ceremony, and one thing impressed me.

That is because the big chorus of “Do Re Mi Song” from the Sound of Music was beautifully echoing. I felt quite peculiar since it was right after the opening speech of President Hu Jintao, but because of that it sounded very beautiful and impressive.
To seminar tours I always carry the DVD that shows crystals of water listened to this song. I often sing the song with audience in my seminar. I always take a break called “Karaoke time” and sing either “Edelweiss” or “Do Re Mi Song” from the Sound of Music as this song is familiar to audience from any countries. And when we sing “Do Re Mi Song,” I explain as the following.

At first, the explanation about lyrics:
Doe-a deer, a female deer
Ray-a drop of golden sun
Me-a name I call myself
Far-a long, long way to run
Sew-a needle pulling thread
La-a note to fellow sew
Tea-a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to Do-oh-oh-oh!

Do mi mi-Mi so so
Re fa fa-La ti ti

Then I explain, “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing almost anything.

Every thing and phenomenon is made up of the combination of vibration.
And vibration always makes sounds.
What is a sound?
That is expressed as Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.
And it is just the repetition of them.
That’s why if you can sing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, you can think and make anything.

I sang this song and explain this hundreds of times. In other words, this is a song to encourage independence, so it may be a good thing that this song was selected at the international convention. The question is whether the deep meaning of this song is understood or not. Well, since Hado remains, even people don’t know the meaning of it, I guess it’s all right.

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