Ustream on Dr. Emoto's seminar in Sedona starting from 1pm in PST on July 7th

For those who cannot come to Dr. Emoto's seminar physically, there is Ustream that will broadcast Dr. Emoto's Water Wisdom Message live on July 7th between 1 PM and 3 PM in PST. Please check this out! You will see the latest information about his work!


Dr. Emoto's seminar at The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

The first seminar of the U.S tour this time was a seminar at The Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills, CA. This seminar was just confirmed about a month ago so there was only limited of time to prepare for the seminar. In addition, The Kabbalah center had only 30 tickets sales last week..

However, there was "a last minute phenomenon" occurred  and it ended up with a full of 300 people! 

Usually, The Kabbalah Center does not have an outsider as a speaker but the Messages from Water was apparently exceptional. Audience enjoyed Dr. Emoto's talk throughout the seminar and they gave standing ovations to him at the end of the seminar. So, it was a great kick off to start the seminar tour this time.

There is a video that Dr. Emoto's assistant took and you can see the last part of his seminar. You can also see a surprise for Dr. Emoto at the end so please watch.
Next destination is Duluth, MN!

For the information on the schedule of Dr. Emoto's seminar, please visit


Dr. Emoto's Seminar Tour in the U.S

Hello, everyone, I am Masaru Emoto. I am now in Los Angeles and preparing for the seminar tour in the U.S starting from tomorrow. I will be giving 8 seminars and 1 workshop and 3 water ceremonies and 1 seminar for children in 3 weeks in 8 cities. Please check the following schedule and if you live near by the place that I give a seminar by please come and see me!

Wednesday, July 3rd
Cabala Center in Beverly Hills, LA.
I heard it is the first time for them to invite Japanese speaker there.
It is a laboratory center of Numerology. I wonder what the relevance with my theory i...s.

Friday, July 5th
Duluth, Minnesota
The organizer is a local Yoga Center. For your information, Minnesota means "1000 lakes" in native Indian language.

Saturday, July 6th
In the morning, Water ceremony at the Lake Superior. I am doing it with Shamans of Native Indians. I am going to chant "Dai-Dangen" by Dr. Nobuo Sioya.

In the afternoon, we are flying to Pheonix then drive to Sedona.

Sunday, July 7th
Visiting Drunvalo - san in Sedona. He visited my office in 2005 so this time I am visiting him.
In the afternoon, a joint seminar with my best friend, Varnon Masayesva. In the evening, water ceremony with Hopi people at the Angel valley.

Monday, July 8th
In the very early morning, Sun rising ceremony.
From 10 o'clock, Sound of Soul seminar with Rasmus(my stuff of the laboratory in Lichtenstein).

Tuesday, July 9th
Phoenix to Los Angels.

Wednesday, July 10th
Two interviews in the morning, a seminar at Miyako Hotel in Torrance, LA in the evening.

Thursday, July 11th
From 10:30, Water Ceremony at San Onofre, a beach next to the newclear power plant.
From 17:00 Water Ceremony for the Pacific Ocean
Friday, July 12th
At noon, a seminar for children in Orange county.
In the evening, a seminar for adults, organized by IHM USA

Saturday, July 13th
To Minneapolis

Sunday, July 14th
Morning to 15:30, A workshop organized by a Woman's group in Minneapolis.
At 19:00 a seminar

Monday, July 15th
To Honolulu

Tuesday, July 16th
15:30 - 17:30 a VIP seminar in Oahu
19:00 - 22:00 General seminar

Wednesday, July 17th
In the evening, a seminar in Kona produced by Yumi Kikuchi

Satruday, July 20th
Hiro - Kona
In the evening, a seminar in Hiro

Sunday, July 21st
To Japan!!

Monday, July 22nd
Arriving in Japan!
In the evening, my birthday party with my children and grandsons.  I will be 70 years old.

For more information on the seminars, please visit

With love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto


My sincere request to the concerned people in the world

March 11th, 2013 will mark 2 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake devastated Japan. Measuring at a magnitude 9, the earthquake created a huge tsunami to follow, that hit the Tohoku area of Japan at 2:46 pm that day.

Literally destroying everything in its path, including victimizing 18,574 people. Sadly there are still 2,694 people who are missing as a result of the tsunami’s powerful surge, taking them back out to sea. In addition, the earthquake created meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear reactors that resulted in a lot radioactive substances leaking into the ocean waters of Japan, contaminating the Pacific Ocean.

In 1997, I was with a Buddhist monk, Rev. Kato who cleansed dirty dam water with his prayers at the Fujiwara dam lake in Gunma Prefecture of Japan. I would like to share this important story with you.

Me with Rev. Kato

Water Crystal Photo - before the prayer
Water Crystal Photo - after the prayer

My interpretation of the 2 photos is that they were certainly a good indicator about the condition of the lake at that time. The water crystal before the prayer shows design that looks like a figure of suffering female face. On the other hand, the water crystal after the prayer turned out to be divine in showing lights around the water crystal.
Another example of how our prayers effect water, In the early morning of July 25th in 1999, 340 people were gathered for a water ceremony at Lake Biwa the biggest lake of Japan. At that time, Lake Biwa was so polluted that horrid odors were emitting from the lake. A few days after we went there to offer prayers, the local newspaper reported that suddenly there was no longer bad odors emitting from Lake Biwa.
So from these experiences, I learned that if our prayers and intentions are pure, with using water as medium, multi-dimensional power can take place.
I would like to help those missing 2,694 people who are still missing after 2 years past from the disaster. I would like to protect and heal the oceans from contamination of radioactive substances. I am sure that you feel the same way. In order to do so, we need numerous numbers of people at the same time to join together to send pure prayers to souls of the victims.

I speak of this well known Einstein theory at my seminars:
E = MC2  Mass–energy equivalence by Albert Einstein
I believe the true meaning and power of this equation is
ENERGY = # of people x CONCSIOUSNESS2 
The amount of energy or power of the prayer is determined by amount of people who collective connect their pure hearts at the same time. Therefore, I would like to request the everyone around the world to join together for a Simultaneous Global Prayer at exactly 2:46pm Japan time on March 11th. Together we will collectively send our sincere prayers with the following words.
To the victims lost in the oceans and to the water in Pacific Ocean which has suffered radioactive contamination from the nuclear accident in Fukushima.
“I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.”
(Repeat 3 times)
Where: Right from where you are.
When: Match 11, 2013
Time: 2:46pm Japan Time
*** Use this Time Convertor Link to find out what time 2:46pm Japan time is in your time zone.
My sincere love and thanks to each and every one of you for your simultaneous participation in collectively connecting to your heart for this powerful global prayer.
With sincere love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto
Emoto Peace Project