Saturday, June 11 Today is a day of prayer

Saturday, June 11 Today is a day of prayer
It has passed 3 months since March 11. Today on the 11th, we will offer our sincere prayer putting our hearts together with all of you around the world.
Many people must have their day off on Saturday, so we may be able to take time at noon to have deep reflection contemplating on why this tragedy happened to humankind. Then, we can pray for the peace of victim’s soul in heaven.

We may be able to realize that everything happened because of our fear based consciousness. Once we have this awareness, we can promise to ourselves to make a big step forward to the true peace again.
Yes, having courage is important. Courage means will to speak up. Even if you know something, if you don’t take any action, you are same as a coward.
Then, you may ask how can we do it. Wonderful weapon is already given to us good people. This weapon is called internet shooting. They are afraid of internet system.

Therefore, if they find a site which contains unfavorable opinion to them, they use their subordinates to attack the site fiercely. The way they do it is not gentlemanlike at all. Most good people do not like this kind of unfairness.
Now, it is the time for us to put our hearts together. When you find someone being attacked unfairly, you can chose to protect him or her by giving supporting shooting.
I would like you all to have this intention during your prayer today.

All the victims of the tragedy, we are sorry and please forgive us.
We will stand up not to repeat the same mistake again ever.
We will keep speaking up until angelic intention will win over evil intention.
Thank you very much. We love you.

Love & Gratitude,
Masaru Emoto


Strong Odor of Devastated Area Concerns Me

About two weeks ago, we visited Soma port which was struck by tsunami. The big warehouse of Nippon Express Company was totally destroyed, and rice and other food products were swept away. The area was filled with offensive odor which came from spoiled food.

According to the TV news report I watched this morning this unusual odor became even stronger in various places among afflicted areas. After hearing this news I became concerned about another issue which is yet to arise.
Another disastrous issue…..I fear that some kind of infectious disease such as cholera might spread like the one happened after Haiti earthquake.

Of course the situation between Haiti and Japan might not be really comparable since the medical standard differs significantly. However, as you all can see, we don’t know how to clean up all the mountains of rubbles even 3 months have passed after the disaster. Mountains of rubbles equal mountains of garbage. It is easy to imagine that it might cause some kind of deadly bacteria to occur to harm people in the area.
However, I also have good news here. The MRET Angel water we are delivering as charity item has amazing effects to tackle with various infectious diseases since it has anti bacterial and anti viral capacity. The person who represents the inventor told us that they have witnessed the effectiveness of the water through past experiences. We can try our best to take precautions before an outbreak of deadly disease by delivering MRET Angel charity water to the people in affected area. We would appreciate your continuous heartfelt support.


MRET Angel Water being delivered so smoothly

On May, 27, we delivered MRET Angel Water to Ms. Saito’s residence located in Sukagawa city, Fukushima prefecture, to store the water in her storage space. Water has been distributed to the people who live in local area.

She contacted us today to let us know that 7200 bottles of water are almost gone in a matter of only 10 days or so. Instead of her delivering water to each house hold, people visited her place one after another to pick it up by themselves. Word of mouth spreads so quickly, and more and more people are visiting her place now. That’s how almost all the water has been distributed.

Of course, there is more water at Thai embassy, so we will make an arrangement to have it sent to her place soon.

The way how people get information about water through word of mouth reminds me of my experience from 12 years ago. Back then, Messages from Water was being noticed by people the same way, and I believe this is the ideal way.
If you would like to have Charity MRET Angel Water, please contact us. Please note that only Fukushima residents are eligible to receive charity water.


Hado Diary Tuesday, June, 7

Today, we had a guest from Australia who came along with his friend. Yurika Takahashi, a member of our group introduced him. His name is Peter Stevens. He looks soft and gentle but used to make hardware such as machines for farming, and now he is a hado field transduction engineer manipulating magnetic energy.
Today, he only visited us to say hello, but, he will come back again soon to do an amazing demonstration. He will show us how to change the field of radiation into a positive field. Everyone, please look forward to it.
Tonight, I received following e-mail from one of staff members.
To everyone,
Thank you for your hard work.
I have just received a request from a fan of Dr. Emoto’s.
He would like to have the words “Love and Gratitude” written on the container of contaminated water at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. He wholeheartedly believes that the water will be clean if we are able to do that.
I did not think it was feasible in reality, but I couldn’t say it would be impossible.
I thought I would share it with you all, anyway.

I was very happy to hear this news even though it may not be possible to make it happen. If more and more people around the affected area have this kind of idea, I am sure the problem will be solved someday.