Report on “The World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima”

The ceremony held early in the morning on July 25 was concluded in a very meaningful way creating several positive miraculous occurring. You can watch the video footage on Ustream at ( )
There are few important things that I would like to share with you all.5:30 pm on July 24 We went to the park to have a meeting and get ready for next morning.
After the meeting, everybody was looking up the sky.
From the left;
Ikue Masudo, formerly known as Saya Takagi when she was an actress, volunteered to become MC of this ceremony, Michiko Hayashi, my PA, Masaru Emoto, Rasmus Gaup who works at our Lichtenstein Lab
Iridescent cloud is created by a rainbow passing through near the sun.
It has been said that it was an auspicious sign.
Surprisingly enough, there was an iridescent cloud near the setting sun.

According to the weather report,
this day was supposed to be a cloudy day because of the typhoon.

We also saw several clouds called dragon clouds.
We brought Angel Water to give out since local people were participating in the event early in the morning.
3:00 am on the 25th, we put everything ready in the venue.
The event opened with Morgan Fisher’s performance of keyboard improvisation. Morgan is a popular keyboard player and composer from England. He used to play with many well known musicians such as the band Queen on their concert tour. He also volunteered this time.
Ceremony has started. MC, Ikue Masudo and translator Fukiko Kai on the right.

At 3:51 in the morning, right before the ceremony began, the earthquake of Magnitude 6,2 has occurred. The epicenter was offshore of Fukushima Prefecture. We were at the beach only 40 Kilometers away. The earth shook for quite a long time and stopped.
I felt like the dragon in the ocean wanted to greet us saying “thank you for having the ceremony early in the morning. I am here watching over your work.”

The chief priest of Aoba Shrine in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture conducted a Shinto ceremony. I respect Reverend Shigenobu Takakura very much. We drink sake together sometimes. It was very appropriate and wonderful to begin this prayer event with his chanting when sending out our prayer from afflicted area in Japan.

After Reverend Katakura invoked the gods with his chanting, Megumu Nishino who is one of the best taiko drummers of Japan offered his taiko drumming. His performance was divinely perfect. He played at the ceremony of Nagano Olympic game, and he received an honorary award in Mongolia. He was introduced to me by the stage producer Norihiro Kubo when we had an event at Lake Biwa last year.

Next, Mr. Reiner who volunteered to come all the way from Germany conducted Agnihotra ceremony. Agnihotrais a fire ceremony taught in the Veda. In this ceremony, cow dung is burnt in the fire ritual at the moment of sunrise and sunset when they pray. It is said that Agnihotra purifies any contamination including radioactive matters in our atmosphere and land. They have a research result reported after Chernobyl accident has occurred and they have been conducting this ceremony over 20 years there.
7 people including local residents participated in this ritual.

I made opening remarks, and explained why we were holding this ceremony early morning on July 25. Then we sang the note 528 Hz which is supposed to reach the universe.

Next, I sang Japanese national anthem Kimigayo with the Japanese flag hanging.

 “Uchu-no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte, makoto no daiwa no miyo ga narinatta”
When the chanting was over, we saw the rising sun on the eastern sky even though it was supposed to be a rainy or cloudy day according to the weather report.
Dr. Vincent Seet gave a talk on behalf of Thailand.
His group donated Angel Water to the people in the afflicted area.
An animal activist who happened to walk in was introduced. He came from the U. S. to protect animals in the afflicted area. He was walking two dogs this time, but there are many dogs and cats that were left behind. He said they need helping hands. He came all the way to Fukushima without worrying about himself exposed to much radiation. We are very thankful.

The event ended with Morgan Fisher’s keyboard performance. He concluded the event with his joyful performance mixed with funny jokes.
After everything was over, many people stayed to take photographs.
I was very happy receiving flowers from my cute friends.
At the beach below the cliff,Michiko and Reiner and Rasmus poured ashes from Agnihotra and water given by Chief Priest of Heitate Shrine,Reverend Haruki into the Pacific Ocean.

We took the picture together afterwards.
Thank you very much for your hard work everyone.


"World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima"

We were able to do the water ceremony. "World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima" yesterday.  People in Fukushima participated in this event, and were touched greatly and were very pleased with this ceremony.

I would like to thank you all people around the world for participating in this event and sent your own prayers with your people at your place. Very moment when this ceremony started, we had an earthquake of magnitude 6,2.  Though there was no affect, and we conducted this ceremony as if there had been no earthquake.  I am certain that everyone's prayer from around the world reached Fukushima and weakened the earthquake.  Thank you very much for your prayers.

Unfortunately we could not broadcast our event live because the internet access was not good enough at the ceremony site.  So it was uploaded 3 hours after the time I had informed.I feel very regretful and would like to apologyze everyone.

Now you can see the event video without any problem, so I'd like to invite you all to the Ustreem movie we uploaded;

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