About the Art of Wa Ryu

About three and half years ago, a religious painter visited my office on the introduction of Shigenobu Katakura, the chief priest of the Aoba Shinto shrine in Sendai whom I sincerely respect.

The painter brought the art of Wa Ryu. The moment I looked the art, I was fascinated by it. Wa means “harmony” in Japanese, and also is used as an ancient name for the country of Japan. Nowadays, it is also used as a symbolic word for “peace.”

The reason I was surprised is because the right portion of the Chinese character of Wa, which symbolizes “mouth,” was designed as a dragon. Dragon is said to be the god of water in Japan. Thus, the art embodied the message that in order to create peace we need the cooperation of dragons, the god of water.

This design convinced and impressed me very much because, from twenty and some years of research of water, I strongly believed that true peace would not come unless we understand and respect the true nature of water.

The painter said about his style of painting as: “I draw what the god gives me as   divine instruction.” He is also instructed not to publicize his name and portrait as much as possible. Thus, I like to introduce him here as the artist T.

When I first met him, I got urge to show this art to water and take picture of its crystal. I asked him for consent, and he was also willing to do so.

After one week, the photograph was done. 

The following is the photograph.

 As you can see, it is very beautiful. 

This means that water was very pleased with the art. Water guaranteed that the artist T’s artwork is genuine.

When I gave the crystal photograph to him, he asked me as the following:
“Dr Emoto, will you please give this art to the people who works for the world peace?”
I readily accepted, as I truly wanted to do so. Moreover, I had another personal reason. My beloved wife’s name is Kazuko. (Kazu is the same Chinese character as Wa.) I thought if I carry this art with me, I could always be with my wife.

Thus, since then, when I work in overseas, I always receive about five pieces of his arts and bring with me. And, whether the person is famous or not, if he/she is sincerely working for creation of world peace without being ego-minded, I give the art in place of the artist T.  

According to the message from the god, which the artist T receives, “When this art of Wa Ryu is given out to all over the world, the true peace will come.” I believe so, too. Therefore, I will bring this art to the world with me, from today and tomorrow. When you see me carrying the art, please come and talk to me.

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  1. Arigatou Masaru and artist T ... you have my sincere heart in spreading your message every day everywhere I go. Thank you & I Love You!

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  3. if he/she is sincerely operating for era of world peace with out getting ego-minded
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  4. Dr. Emoto,
    I saw this painting and your photograph of the crystal at the Integraton. It spoke deeply to me. I work with geomantic dragon energies to clear the waters of the earth. And also the waters of the human body. I agree that when the water is clean we may have peace. I hope some day to find you when you are carrying this picture to remind me that there are many people working for this same cause.
    Many blessings to you for what you do.
    Sarah Wieland


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