I just turned 68 years old today!,

Today is my birthday.

This morning, from my house's balcony overlooking Tokyo Bay, I
sent my thoughts of gratitude to God who brought me down to this
world and to my parents who accepted me very well.

And I swear for;
as one runner of human Ekiden race, we will think about how we can
pass the torch to our descendants smoothly and bring it down to all
runners around us.

This method would be taught by WATER. I found an
answer in Mizugokun, meaning Five Principles of Water, written by Jyosui Kuroda.

-- Mizugokun --

1. Making actions itself and make others act is WATER.
2. Encounting with difficuties and what makes itself 100 times more powerful is WATER.
3. Always pursuing its own path without stopping is WATER.
4. Being clean itself and have the capacity to wash off others clean is WATER.
5. Being much and fills the ocean,  evaporating and become mists, clouds and rain, transforming itself to snow and haze, consolidating itself and become a beautiful mirror, and still keeping its original property is WATER.

Please change to the word “Human” from  “WATER” in the above sentences. And
please read it again.
On this 68th birthday morning, I decided something. When I reach to such
enlightened state of mind, I will make my pen name “JYOSUI EMOTO.”

Please have a look my message on Youtube (the message is spoken in
English this time)

Otherwise, there is one group which prays in the following hope on the
22nd of every month. These prayers events are held by “Lemuria Renaissance” where Mr. Manabu Nani belongs.

We are very sorry to introduce you this event at very late timing-
noon of July 22nd, but, even 3 minutes is Okay, please pray all
together for LOVE and PEACE on this Earth.

On the project of “Prayers of Love and Peace” we have 4 big purposes.
“Make the world without nuclear weapon”
“Stop all wars from the world”
“Clean up『 WATER 』which is the source of all lives”
“Take back the intrinsic beautiful environment of Earth”

In the previous prayers, we prayed for WATER on “World Day for Water”, March 22nd, for EARTH ENVIRONMENT, we gave prayers on the “Earth Day” , April, 22nd.
Therefore, we put these 2 days together, and we will have prayers for
“WATER and ENVIRONMENT” on  the 22nd of every month, from now on.

With a lot of gratitude, when we image very shining Earth as a golden
apple and pray for Earth, the road of Earth ascension will be

With whole heart and love of each of us, let’s pray all together.
For your further information of “prayers project for LOVE and PEACE”,
please see the following website.


Let’s do our best, FUKUSHIMA! World Peace Prayer Ceremony in Fukushima

This year, on July 25th, Dr. Emoto will hold the water ceremony to offer love and gratitude to water in Fukushima, Japan since it received a severe blow from the nuclear accident. He will pray for the peace on the planet Earth with people around the world, collecting people’s powerful consciousness.
We would like you to please announce this event, and participate in this meaningful prayer ceremony at your own place.
The detail of the ceremony is as below:
Date: July 25th, 2011
Time: 4:00AM  6:00AM (Japan Time)
USA… California 12:00 noon July 24th
New York 15:00 July 24th
London … 20:00 July 24th
Paris … 21:00 July 24th
Moscow … 23:00 July 24th
Bangkok … 2:00 July 25th
Beijing, Singapore, Taipei … 3:00 July 25th
Seoul … 4:00 July 25th
Sidney … 5:00 July 25th
Ustream link to see the ceremony video:
The place: Iwaki City, Fukushima, Japan
Iwaki Misaki Park

Event includes:
● Agnithotra fire ceremony conducted by Mr. Reiner.

This ceremony has been offered for over 20 years in order to reduce the effect of radiation at Chernobyl
● Japanese Taiko Drum Performance by Kei Nishino
● Accessing free energy of the universe
● Silent Prayer for; disaster victim’s peace in heaven
Dr. Jose Arguelles’ peace in heaven
Dr. Jose Arguelles is the person who taught me about Mayan calendar. It is truly regrettable that he passed away on March 23rd this year. We would like to offer our prayer for his peace in heaven.
● Opening remarks by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Chairman of Emoto Peace Project, nonprofit organization
● Ceremony of Offering Love and Gratitude to Water lead by Dr. Masaru Emoto

● Chant “The Grand Invocation” with everyone.? We will chant it three times.
● Introducing messages of encouragement from people around the world to Fukushima residents●
 Dance and folk song performance by local people
● Song of Joy by all participants

This event will be shown worldwide in Ustream as soon as the ceremony is finished at around 6:00AM on the 25th of July Japan Time (evening or night of the 24th Sunday in American Continent and Europe)
It will make it easy for great number of people around the world to join this prayer for world peace through internet. We hope one million people will be putting their hearts together simultaneously.

Please pass around this information to your friends. Prayer and positive energy sent by as many people as possible will be able to surpass negative energy. We would like to ask you please join us through internet and offer your sincere prayers with us. If you are able to come to Japan and join us, you are most welcome to be with us.

We would be most grateful if you can please send us your kind donation for this event organized by the Nonprofit Organization EMOTO PEACE PROJECT, we thank you with all our heart. Please know that even a small amount of donation would be truly helpful for us to implement this event for the peace on earth. We thank you very much in advance.The bank information is the followings:

By Paypal :
Bank information:Payee: EMOTO Project
Bank: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Branch: Asakusabashi
Account Number: 0941063
Bank Code: 0005
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
(There is no IBAN code in Japan.
IBAN is not necessary to send money to Japanese banks.)

Thank you very much.
We look forward to doing this significant water ceremony with you on July 25th!!!
With love and gratitude,
Michiko Hayashi


Thank you, Nadeshiko Japan!!

Early morning on 18th, I got up at 3:30 to watch the women’s soccer game on TV because Japanese team was playing in World Cup.

As you know, the result made the entire nation extremely happy. Japanese team endured attack by strong American team, then in the second half when everyone must have thought they would lose, they made miraculous goal twice. And on top of that, they fought so well in the PK game to win the title.

It has passed more than a day since then, but I am still very exited. Probably many Japanese people are feeling the same way. Especially, people who are affected by the earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear accident must feel very encouraged by this game better than by any other words of sympathy or encouragement.

I do feel that this victory of Nadeshiko Japan in the World Cup Soccer has a very remarkable significance in the history of mankind.

The  disaster that occurred in the Tohoku region, Japan was really one of the worst in our history. Of course, there must have been bigger ones in ancient time on this planet.

But it is not easy to track back what exactly happened since they did not have good system to transfer the information back then. We know that the population of the world was much smaller and there wasn’t any big city.

The earthquake and tsunami occurred off Sumatra in December, 2004 was probably as big as this one happened to Japan, and the numbers of the victims and people who are lost are about 10 times bigger. However, it seems like the latest disaster had the impact 10 times bigger. People around the world were very sympathetic. Why is it so?

One reason could be that we did not see as many visual images of the disaster area in live broadcast due to lack of infrastructure back then. On the other hand the disaster in Japan was shown so vividly on screen almost simultaneously when it occurred, and people in each and every corner of the world were able to see and feel exactly what it was like as if it was happening to them so that they were able to share the sentiment of Japanese people so closely.

Another reason could be that it was not only natural disaster such as earthquake and tsunami but also manmade disaster nuclear accident was involved in this tragedy.

In other words, nuclear accident is not something that could only happen to Japan, there is a possibility that any other country that has nuclear power plant has the danger of the same type of accident. People in those countries must have felt like they were on the same boat.

The women’s soccer world cup was held in this kind of vibration on the planet level. How many Japanese were even aware that Nadeshiko Japan team was selected when they left Narita airport? Probably only families and relatives knew that. I am a big soccer lover, but even I didn’t know about that.

However, more and more news were reported from Frankfurt, Germany as they kept winning the game. The whole country was getting excited gradually as we hear the news such as “Nadeshiko Japan beats xx team” or “Nadeshiko Japan passed preliminary round.” And the news became so big when they went to semi final after winning against German team which was supposed to be very tough. The semi final match against Swedish team was held and had a kick off at 3:30 in the morning Japan time, but, rarely enough, 10 % of the whole nation watched the TV program. 

I haven’t heard how many people watched the final game yet, but I am sure that the number was much greater. That day happened to be a holiday in Japan.

When the team members were playing the final game, more than several million people in Japan were sending their prayer to support the team in the soccer field in Frankfurt. I also think that the same kind of support was sent to them from most countries except the USA.

The reason was that Japan was severely victimized by the disaster and people were sympathetic on the planet level as I mentioned earlier.

As a result, miracle occurred. Japan was able to get the victory even though it was never able to win against world number one America in last 25 games.

It seems like the team members were feeling the vibration. They felt that they could send encouragement to the people in afflicted areas by playing well in the game, therefore they should never give up. It was almost divine inspiration.

We will be having a prayer ceremony in Fukushima on July 25, and the huge typhoon is attacking Japan now, 6 days before the event. It is supposed to leave here soon and will be far away in the eastern Pacific Ocean around 24. I think even this typhoon could be the divine water blessing by our great nature. Our event to send the prayer of love and gratitude was blessed by water.

I am looking forward to having many of you join in our prayer ceremony with a beautiful sunrise in Fukushima via webcast.