11.11.11 в 11:11 clearing cloud game 2

11.11.11 в 11:11

[ Reality is more extraordinary as it seems to be ]

For the First time in the World
 the game of the 21st century

Yes, it is possible. Just try.


11.11.11 at 11:11 the first game will take place in Saint-Petersburg, during which all the persons interested will gather together to learn how to……clean clouds due to the force of combined wish!

5 facts:

1. Saint-Petersburg is one of the most overcast cities of Europe, where the Sun appears only 62 days per year.
2. Saint-Petersburg will become the first city in the World, where people will gather together to learn to……clear clouds due to the force of combined wish!

3. 11.11.11 at 11:11 Clearing Cloud Game,  the first game in the World will take place, any person interested will be able to take part in it, even being at any place of the city.

4. It is a world record which will be registered in Guinness Book of World Records.

5. Yes, it is possible! Make sure of it by your own experience.

Clearing cloud game is a game of new time; it is meant to be convinced what the force of consciousness is. The process of the game is a kind of meditation; There are no rules, but emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding are guaranteed. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game.

The place for this unique experiment was chosen not accidentally: being the most overcast cities of Europe, Saint-Petersburg can boast of only 62 sunny days per year.

The transactions of Masaru Emoto inspired the organizers of this game to try to disprove the postulates of traditional physics. Thanks to the originality of Masaru`s researches, the World got an obvious proof of wonderful qualities of H2O, which is so habitual for us.

All the persons interested are invited to take part in this peculiar flash mob to break up clouds with the help of thought concentration.

If you want to know all the details, come to our Site.

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Realizing that one can consider this idea to be just an absurd fiction or just….. a funny joke, a small fragment like “FAQ” is necessary. Here one can find the answers for possible questions: what is clearingcloudgame? In which connection are the clouds? And the main point – what for do I need it?

-    What is clearing cloud game and when will it take place?

This game is really very simple. It is rather a practice than a game meant to ascertain what the strength of consciousness is. Here it is also very important not to have any doubts that you will succeed at the same time not putting too much efforts.

The game is a kind of the perception of outward things. Every game has its aim arousing interest. The games played by people  have changed greatly for the all history of mankind, beginning with a prehistoric stone with stick and up to content applications in social nets. Clearing cloud game is a game of fresh time. Its principal difference is the cooperation of person`s consciousness and entourage.

Clearing Cloud Game, the first game in the World will take place in Saint-Petersburg on the wonderful and symbolical date, 11.11.11 at 11:11. There are some reasons why the game shall take place here: Saint-Petersburg is the most overcast city in Europe and in the World. We see the Sun only 62 days per year.

-    Rules / aim / crux?

There are no stable rules. It is like a meditation. It is a kind of extreme relaxation and confidence in everything taking place. There are no concrete principles, restrictions or ways. There is only one aim – an experience. The experience of emotional enthusiasm, sense of joy and harmony, the unity of everything surrounding. These emotions stay forever in the soul of each person, who once experienced the state “I have done it!”, “I have succeeded!”, “Yes, it is possible!” Just these feelings are the main point of the game. There is some space for creation: design your own original method or just learn how to do it in “instruction” section.

-    Who can take part?


Just any person! Now you know the game will take place on 11.11.11 at 11:11, join us, whatever you are doing and wherever you are. On the 11th of November just find 5 minutes and look at the Sky. Having seen dense nebulosity there or even just a small accumulation of clouds, play your first clearing cloud game. And the realization that all the world is playing with you, will give you confidence and inspiration.

-    In which connection are the clouds? What for do I need it?

Humanity can be divided into two types: theorists and practical men. Theory is a wonderful thing. But nevertheless, there is sometimes a great abyss between meditation and actions.

We are people of the 21st century. We are rational and logic. It is very difficult to make us believe in such things which cannot be touched by a finger, which cannot be measured and linked up to Internet. We are practical people if habitual reality; we believe only the things which can be perceived.

The world of material things, emotions, the world of sensible pleasures absorbs totally our attention without giving us any chance to see or believe in our own striking resources.

An Indian parable about an elephant and a rope is widely famous: what prevents a tied mass from tearing out a slimpsy stick put into the soil with only one jerk? The force of habit. Elephants are tied from the very birth, that is why then they have no efforts to cope with this habit.

How often we walk on the customary circle as elephants tied with slimpsy rope!!! But one shouldn’t have any harsh deprivations or to move away from the World just to tear off from holding notions.

It is just enough to realize the fact: we are what we believe in. Changing one`s own thoughts and the attitude towards rut, helps to activate the potential of natural mechanisms which in their turn change the world of each of us.

"Trust but check” – faith is becoming a kind of inner knowledge; it was examined in practice, and it doesn`t need any explanation. It is just enough to allow it to be. To see it with the own eyes, to experience this moment in order to make ascertain. “Yes, it`s possible”. Or “Yes, I can it”.

Supposing the existence of something outside our notions is like a metaphor; it`s like a seed which will be a wonderful tree one day. What shall you do? Just plant the seed into the soil. Nature will do the rest.  You just don`t realize all the totality of ripening and growth processes, but you see the result and you know that it works.

Where does rabbit`s hole leads to? One can only guess. But one thing can be affirmed for sure: each person on the Earth has a talent for clearing clouds. And only having experienced it, you will walk over a firm bridge from rational reality to the world of wonders. What to do with it….. everything depends on you.

-    What is it a question of?

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

May be it`s high time to be greatly surprised? One should put a question: “Shall one clear the clouds?” with the help of thought? Yes, but it is inconceivable! Conceivable or not – it`s not our decision. But still, just think, how often do we draw these or those conclusions sometimes even depriving the chance to take it into our consideration?

“The greatest illusion is that there are always some limitations” – wrote Robert Monro.
To open the door to the truth – it`s simple, having managed to perceive a lamb through the walls of a box. Without prejudices: having experienced it – to take on trust. Even if it can`t be placed into our conception of reality.

And what is reality? For the majority of us, it`s something familiar, convenient and safe. Trees grow upwards, rain drops down, a ball goes to gates if it is kicked; everything what we do happens only in three dimensions.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – said Einstein and added: “ “…..Reality is just an illusion, but stable”.  It must be confessed that reality is more unusual than it seems to be.

Reading this text, you, for example, are sitting or standing, but in fact – you are turning round the Sun together with all the objects with the speed of about 108 000 km per hour. You feel the density of your body, but the body consists of emptiness on the macro-level.

Modern physics determine the reality with accurate measurements and observations of the material world. But having reached the lower step of particles` measuring, scientists found out that we can change the reality just….looking at it…. Due to the experiment, known as Jung`s experience, quantum physics shows how an observer is forming  the processes of reality. The ability of human perception, the influence of thought process on the outward things – is a great sphere of immense discoveries of the 21st century.

It is difficult to imagine that someone will assert that the world of obvious substance and of physical reality – is only a product of cosmic reaction, devoid of creative beginning. And now while modern science is falling into oblivion trying to explain the existential reasons of creation, a new, intuitive language is being born; this language is used by rational Universe for communication with us.

We are lucky! We live during such a surprising period when one can assert easily: the world is changing just in front of our eyes, Consciousness is changing, it`s evolution is something intuitive, some inner perception of the universe`s correlations, the answers for questions :”Where from?”, “What for?”, Why?”

The realization of the infinity of one`s own resources opens the doors to the understanding of the new picture of the World.

May be it`s high time to meditate on the question: who are we as a matter of fact? And what is the World around us? If anyone of us can plainly clear clouds?

-    Why was Clearing Cloud game born in Saint-Petersburg?

Yes, it`s our reality: a hanging sky over our heads, long days with dull weather and pale, dispersed lighting. And an evening weather forecast on TV sounds like a verdict: “…….nebulosity, short period precipitations are possible”. It`s quite familiar for everyone.

No doubt, one of the most beautiful cities of Europe can`t boast of any resort location. The habitants of Saint-Petersburg sun is not be enough. According to average showing there are only 62 sunny days per year.

Lust one should think: cloudy London, Bern (Norway), Seattle or Pittsburg, even these cities are behind Saint-Petersburg. We are without any sun 303 days per year; being hostages of “changeable nebulosity” and in spite of global climate changes, “pale-green vault of heaven’ has been casting a gloom over each citizen of Saint-Petersburg since the times of this poet.

However, clouds` weight brings us not only anxiety and depression, but also inspiration.
And it isn`t surprising that this idea was born here, in Saint-Petersburg; This idea has been known to the population for a long time, but it is in the sphere of abstract mystics and esoteric trends according to some mystic reasons. The objective reality of each of us: experiencing something – to believe our own eyes.

-    Who contrived all this?

This idea doesn`t belong to anybody, as always changeable clouds do not believe to anybody. Having been inspired with the examples from fiction and works of originally thinking researches, and above all having experienced, we perceived the signs which our wonderful world sends to us.

We are the citizens of Saint-Petersburg, of Russia, of Earth Planet of the 21st century, we are just the same as you reading this text. Also as you, we sincerely believe everything what happens with good purpose, due to kind motives. We are people united by the game and the conformity of notions about the World. And we want to share this discovery with you. No more aims.

Yes, we also sincerely believe, even if it sounds tritely: Love will save the World.


written by Masaro Emoto especially for first Clearing Cloud Game

First of all, let me explain how to clear a cloud above although you may have known about this already.
1. Select which cloud to clear among clouds in the sky. At first, a cloud shouldn’t be so big. It is better to choose a lone cloud that is separated from other clouds.
2. Staring at the chosen cloud and verbalize, “The cloud is cleared. Thank you very much.”
3. Never doubt about clearing the cloud and just stare at it with clear mind.
4. After a while, the cloud gets thinner, and eventually it disappears.
5. Say thank you in past tense to the cleared cloud.
As above, this game is really simple. It is learning rather than a game to ascertain one’s power of consciousness.
Important note here is that people should not have doubtful mind about clearing cloud and should not put too much effort.
why does clouds become clear?
The answers are:
1. Clouds are water and human beings are also water. You know that clouds are water. It is known that we, human beings, are 70% water, so we are almost made of water. Thus, water in clouds and water in our bodies can connect to each other, as it is the same being.
2. However, connection is not enough. It has to convey thoughts. Words are the expression of one’s thoughts. Words are born out of natural vibration, so that water can understand it, too. My crystal water photograph is the proof of this fact. If you show or say good words to water, the crystal is beautiful. In the opposite case, the crystal is unattractive.
3. Saying the words in past tense means that we trust and never doubt clouds.
4. By not put too much effort and gently conduct this, it can maintain the purity of Hado (undulation). As Hado is purer, its energy gets stronger.
5. Finally saying thank you is a matter of course. People ask a cloud to be cleared, so when the favor is received, thanking is a matter of course.

We sincerely thank all those who treated this idea with interest, having realized it`s importance for the present moment, who took part, inspired and helped.

Particular thanks and respect to Masaru Emoto, Japanese researcher of physics of water; due to the originality of these experiments, the World got a pictorial proof of H2O wonderful qualities.

Being a leading expert of alternative researches of water physics, Mr. Emoto responded to our request and told the details who to realize this game best of all. The term Clearing Cloud game was mentioned in the texts of betty Shine, English writer, who was the first in the World to tell about the given practice in literary way.

Dear friends, dear citizens of Saint Petersburg!

I am happy to know that the first unique experiment when the participants destined to check first-hand wonderful qualities of human consciousness and wonderful characteristics of our outward things, will take place in the most beautiful city of the World.

All innovation discoveries of the past which changed the picture of reality, always excited shock, astonishment, incomprehension of people, but nevertheless they became indisputable truth of scientific knowledge. You are just round the corner of the greatest discovery of incontestable law of the Universe. And this experiment will go down in the history of mankind forever, as all audacious, candid discoveries which changed the history.

Clearing Cloud Learning on November 11th has such a precious meaning, and it is the first chapter of human being’s greatly important learning.
I wish you all good luck. I trust that wonderful results will come out

I welcome the organizers and participants of Clearing Cloud Game action and wish You luck! We will succeed!

Masaru Emoto

+7 904 334 22 25

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