A visit to Thai embassy

I visited Thai embassy in Tokyo with Michiko Hayashi to give donation for the recent flood disaster in Thailand to the Thai ambassador on Dec 26th. 

Since 3.11, the great disaster happened here in Japan, Kingdom of Thailand has given a lot of supports by giving donations and different products to afflicted areas and people in Japan and as you know that we, Emoto Peace Project has distributed Angel water which is produced in Thailand to people in Fukushima for free. The donation this time was partly collected from people in Fukushima and also other areas of Japan and of course our foundation.

Thai ambassador, Mr. Virasakdi Futrakul was there to give us hearty welcome. He was there at the ceremony to receive Angel water last time in April at his office and unfortunately, Dr. Emoto could not come this time but he clearly remember me who were also there last time and we talked about how the situation of distribution of water in Fukushima. I replied to him that "the Angel water is so popular in Fukushima and people so appreciate for the great support from Thailand." I added that "this time, your country and nation is suffering by the flood disaster and  part of the donations that we brought today came from people in Fukushima. So it is a token of their gratitude for the support from Thailand when they suffered and now it is their turn to give it back" Mr.Futrakul seemed so happy to hear the story.

The news do not tell much about the situation in Thailand now but according to Mr. Futrakul, there are still a lot of people who need supports. Because of the flood disaster in Thailand, more than 700 people died, and 4,000,000 people were afflicted, and 100,000 people have to live in shelters and financial damage as a country is approx. 45 billion US dollars. Now, the water in Bangkok is receding but it takes much time for sure to recover all of these people's normal daily life back. I'd like to share one story with you. Mr.Futrakul told us "compassion" in Thai language is a composition of 2 words meaning "Heart" and "Water". So it is like water from heart is compassion. I thought this is really interesting and truth because we are all connected with water (compassion). Maybe if you do not have compassion to others, the water inside of you decreases. That is just my thought.

Finally, I'd like to share some photos with you:

We giving donation to Mr.Futrakul

Mr.Futrakul giving us a book about the history between
Japan and Thailand for a return

We, Emoto Peace Project would like to thank all of you who helped to donate for people in Thailand this time. They still need continuous supports. We hope to update what is situation in Thailand in this blog.

Hiro Emoto

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