Morgan Fisher’s Live Concert

On Wednesday, English musician Morgan Fisher who has been living in Japan for about 25 years visited my office.
Many of you who are music lovers must know him, but let me introduce his brief background as follows for those who don’t know him.

Born in London, England, 1st January 1950.
First band: The Love Affair (#1 with "Everlasting Love" in 1968).1973-76 played keyboards with seminal British rock band Mott the Hoople, who were produced by David Bowie. In 1980 conceived and produced the unique "Miniatures" album (51 one-minute tracks by Robert Fripp, Michael Nyman, The Pretenders, XTC, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Damned, etc. A sequel was released in 2000). Played with Queen on their 1982 tour of Europe. In 1985 moved to Japan and started to make ambient and improvised music. Became one of the top TV commercial music writers, including songs written or arranged for Cat Power, Karin Krog, Jose Feliciano and Zap Mama. Japanese artists he has worked with include Yoko Ono, Dip in the Pool, The Boom, Heat Wave, Kina Shoukichi, Haruomi Hosono, Kokoo. He continues his varied life as keyboard player, composer, film scorer, producer, and photographer.

We first connected through facebook as he sent me a friend request. Then, I invited him over to my office because I wanted to show him some film clips of growing water crystal. We have been taking movies of water crystal after being exposed to music for some years. Up until now, we have already made them with over 50 pieces of music. So, I wanted to see how he thinks about this kind of film art, knowing that he is not only a musician but also a visual artist who has a wonderful sensibility.

I asked Morgan how he ended up living in Japan. He said one of the reasons staying here is that he loves Japanese food so much, especially natto, fermented soybeans. I immediately grew very fond of this unusual foreigner and we became friends.
The next day happened to be the day he performed live in Nishiazabu, so he invited us over. Many of us at our office love music very much, so total of 9 people went to listen to his live.

The show started around 8:00 pm. It was very unique as it showed film images on the three huge screens on stage ceaselessly along with his music until the performance ended after 9:30 pm.
Music, colors, images that reminds me of modern art, and comfortable sofa healed me as I enjoyed drinking tasty beer for a good 2 hours.

Facebook friends were able to form wonderful friendship in real life in these two days.
Facebook….such a useful tool.


A check has arrived from Graziella Zanoletti in Switzerland

Today, we had a ceremony of receiving donation at our office. Rasmus from Lichtenstein laboratory is staying in Japan now, and he brought 18,000 Swiss franc check issued by Graziella in Zurich.

Graziella is an entrepreneur, the Chief Inspiration Officer of a company named Elite Rent-aCar Switzerland. This is a nice company who rents beautiful cars all over Europe and has a worldwide chauffeured service.  Graziella is a big supporter of mine in Switzerland, and we have been friends for about 7 years.

She supported my seminar when I visited Geneva last October. I gave her a painting titled “Harmony” in return at the venue. This wonderful artwork was painted by Mr. Takahashi with his hope to achieve world peace. He always gives several pieces of this painting when I travel overseas so that I can give it on behalf of him when I see someone very special.

Graziella is on the right.
Graziella was very touched when she heard that I have been visiting disaster areas to give out MRET Angel Water for charity. She said she would like to offer a donation to support this work, and gave a check to us through Rasmus.
Graziella, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love you.
Masaru Emoto

Facebook - Social Network

On June 11, I made a comment as follows.
“The wonderful weapon was given to us. We are able to send out our message through internet.”
I think a good example is making a circle of friends on Facebook.
According to Wikipedia, about 500 million people are using facebook currently, and SocialBakers  says over 700 million people are using.
However, Japan has only 700,000 users domestically. This number is very low compare to other countries.


I think one reason is that Japanese people in general do not feel very comfortable using English.

Another reason might be that you are supposed to expose your real name and picture in public on facebook in principle.
Japanese people were known as being modest in the past. And modesty was considered a beautiful quality.  
However, this kind of culture has created Japanese being too submissive and subservient as expressed in proverbs such as;
You cannot win against someone who doesn't listen to reason (e.g. a crying child or a violent lord);
You can't fight City Hall


If you can't beat them, join them. That's the easiest way to get through life.
Yield to the powerful.
As a result, people feel government and politics are something very far away from them.

But, I would like to say that we are not living in the old age any more.
We need to be more and more outspoken. We all should be able to share our opinion openly.
I was already over 60 when I learned how to use a computer, so I only knew how to type, how to exchange e-mail, or how to do a google search. But, gradually, I have learned more about computer and internet from my company staff.

So, I came to know that social network system such as facebook or mixi has amazing potential.
Now, the number of my facebook friends reached 5000, and I cannot accept any more friend request. But, still, I keep receiving messages from people around the world asking me to be their friend. The content of these messages are so wonderful. So, I asked my staff to expand the friend request allowance.
As soon as it is finished, I will send my message tomy facebook friends like every day.
It is so wonderful to be able to become friends with people around the world while staying in Japan.


Today seems like the day of water crystal photographers.

Today was the lab photographer Ken’s birthday, so we all celebrated the day together. His friend introduced him first, and he has been working for us for 10 years since then. He has now grown up to someone who is very important in our office.

When we were having this celebration, the legendary photographer Mr. Ishibashi who took the very first water crystal picture showed up. Without any notice, he just stopped by saying, “It’s been a long time.”

Mr. Ishibashi is now working for a company named Best. The head office is located in Mie prefecture and their business is in spiritual and ethical education. He was emitting a missionary like vibration.

Originally he got a Phd. in science from national university, but this scientist turned his life path into spirituality after meeting me.

In the picture, Mr. Ishibashi is on my left and Ken is on my right.

After Mr. Ishibashi left, Rasmus who is the director of my Lichtenstein lab arrived here all the way from Europe. Today seems like the day of water crystal photographers. I feel it is very auspicious and our business has bright future.
We must have a party tonight!!