Please Help the Children of Fukushima ~ An Urgent Message from Masaru Emoto

The warnings and attention regarding radioactive material that was scattered by the accident near the nuclear plant in Fukushima, has seemed to calm down, but the actual situation is not so. The Japanese Government is putting off the solution to all problems, hiding the facts, and with irresponsibility and a non-humanitarian post processing policy. 

Properly speaking, it’s the responsibility of Japanese government to solve this problem. Currently, in the present political situation, it is very difficult to persuade or move them. But, when we consider the future of the children's health, there is not a second to lose. If Japan becomes a country of fallout, this is not only a problem in Japan, as it will sweep over this earth like domino in the twinkling of an eye. Even Japanese citizens are not informed of the facts.

For example, the hospitals in Fukushima performed the thyroidal echo check on children 18 years or younger, living in Fukushima in last August. There were 38,000 children examined and a thyroid gland cyst or a tubercle was found on 36% of the children who were examined.

I became aware of this after reading an article, “The Nuclear Sacrifice of Our Children: 14 Recommendations to Help Radiation Contaminated Japan" written by Dr. Helen Cardicott, an Australian pediatrician. Dr. Helen is a well-known doctor of medicine worldwide and was also a candidate for a Nobel Prize. She warns us that if no one takes measures against the radiation exposure to children and people of Fukushima, the results may be the worst ever.

According to the reports, in the case of  the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant accident, thyroid cancer began to be discovered in 3-4 years after the accident happened.  Since then, over 92,000 people have been diagnosed of thyroid cancer. It is no doubt that the amount of radioactive iodine the children in Fukushima absorbed was tremendously high, because symptom already began to appear at a much early time period.

I have been studying about water and Hado for the past 25 years. In October 1999 when the Tokaimura radiation leak accident happened, I took crystal photograph of the water from a well located only 400 meters away from the scene of the accident .

This crystal picture below represents a  water sample affected by the radioactive material.

Since radioactive material is a material of the ‘Hado’ world, I was not surprised to see that the damaged crystal image from the radiation contaminated water changed to a beautiful crystal image, when I imprinted the Hado of “Love and Gratitude” into the water that was previously contaminated with radiation.

The fact that this beautiful diamond shaped water crystal formed from the same radiation water after the Hado of love & gratitude was imprinted, means that the Law of Nature settled into the water, that is, the influence of a radioactive material has been successfully removed.

As a medical doctor of alternative medicine from 1987 to 1997, I examined many of the patients who suffered from cancers and other disease. During that time I successfully assisted the patient in curing their illness using the water that I imprinted with Hado information. Using the same method, I have confidence that if the children and people of Fukushima drink the Hado water that we can provide, that the fearful radiations effects Dr. Helen’s article warned can can absolutely be avoided.

However, the government is supervising so that people may not perform business which takes the advantage of a disaster or selling something which is not yet accepted by the government. Telling people that this product is effective to reduce radioactive influence is strongly forbidden. Officially I believe that it is blaspheming to sell water to children. So, I started a nonprofit organization to appeal for cooperation to many people. The Emoto Peace Project.

I ask each of you for your corporation, especially to all of the people living overseas. I have asked similar requests to the world when the last earthquake hit in Japan and we were grateful to have received the support of many donations from around the world. It is unfortunate to have to ask of you such a request again, but, in order to save the the future health of the children in Fukushima, we need provide the water continuously and we need supporters to do so.

I am currently recruiting new overseas members for non-profit organization, The Emoto Peace Project (EPP). With the help of donation from supporters, like you, we have distributed the children version of “Message from Water” for the past six years to the children around the world for free. At the moment, there are supporters in thirty different countries, and books are printed in each language.

If you are interested in supporting our peace project, I sincerely ask you to support by making a donation. It doesn’t matter how much, and amount helps and WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you resonate with my work and mission, I would like to ask you to make a special donation and apply to join the Emoto Peace Project Membership.

Join Peacemakers Around the world with The Emoto Peace Project Membership

EPP Membership Qualification: 
A person who resonates with Masaru Emoto, a missionary of water, a person willing to work with him and share the activities to achieve global peace. 

1.EPP Corporate Membership
Corporate Members will have a right to use commercially the crystal pictures which were taken in our laboratory and have been published in the past. (An application is needed in advance.) Annual fee : US$3000 or Euro2400

2.EPP Special Membership
Special member will receive 100 books of Children version of “Messages from Water”.
Annual fee: US$1300 or Euro 1000

3.EPP General Membership
General member will receive an English newsletter by E-mail in three months. You can also contributes messages freely in the newsletter.
Annual fee : US$200 or Euro150

To request a membership application please email

Donations or Memberships Payment can be made by Paypal to

I very much appreciate each and every one of you and your participation and especially any contribution to our global peace movement by citizens of world.

With my sincere love & gratitude,

Masaru Emoto
Water Messenger
Chairman - Emoto Peace Project (EPP)

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