The first day of 14th Hado Instructor School in Scotland

The 14th Hado Instructor School took place in Scotland from Sep. 18th to 21st. Kumanga, who is also a Hado Instructor is the co-organizer of the Hado School this time and she has been working very hard to organize the Hado Instructor School.

The venue for the Hado School was Nilpul Foundation center which is located on the 3rd floor of beautiful English style building in the center of city of Dundee. The Nilpul foundation is a not for profit organization and people can learn meditation, have different kind of healing sessions and seminars. Kumanga is working for the foundation and the foundation kindly offered us to use the nice seminar space there for the Hado School. All the staffs there are working as volunteers. (Please visit their website for more information They are a group of beautiful people.

The number of the participants for the Hado School this time was 11 and they are from Scotland, England, Holland, Austria, Hungary, Israel, Hungary, Thailand and Hong Kong. As an organizer, it is better to have more people but as participants, it is better to be less people because each person can get more attention.

All the participants were gathered for lunch at Nilpul Center at noon and had lunch together. They seemed to be a little nervous but I can clearly see their expectation for what is coming for 3 days. After the lunch, the opening ceremony of the Hado School started at the seminar room. 

Firstly, one of the speakers for the Hado School, Ven. Karma Jiga started the school with his words and prayer. After that Dr. Emoto who is a principal of the school called everybody’s names and they introduced themselves. We have different people with different occupations and from different countries and background but they all came here for the same purpose.  

Ven. Karmajiga's prayer  

Dr. Emoto started the first seminar “Theory of Hado”. As he does always, he used different slides and videos and tuning folks to explain clearly about the principal of Hado. 

 Dr. Emoto demonstrating tuning folks

Next seminar was Rasmus Gaupp, who is a head researcher of Lichtenstein branch office introduced the technology of “Sound of Soul” and demonstrated the device. This newly developed device which has a purpose of music therapy can create customized music based on client’s heart frequencies. Rasmus spoke about its technology and how human though and stresses can affect their heart. It can show how much the person’s heart is opened or not on the HRV (Heart Rate Variability) He demonstrated the device with participants and it is very interesting that everyone has different music. Everybody there were so interested in his talk and after that they all had their own “heat music” in CD. You can get the information on this “Sound of Soul” from this website:

 Rasmus's seminar about "Sound of Soul"

The seminars for the first day of Hado Instructor School was finished for the day and everybody had nice dinner together at local restaurant and talked to get to know each other. 

written by Hiro Emoto 

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