Dr. Emoto's first visit to Scotland

Dr. Emoto and myself, came to Scotland for the 14th Hado Instructor School. We came to a city called Dundee. It took long hours from Japan to get there so we were slightly tired by the time we arrived Dundee.
The organizer of the Hado Instructor School this time is Kumanga who came to the 12th Hado Instructor School in Lake Biwain Japan to become a Hado Instructor. She is originally from Sri Lanka and she has lived in the city of Dundee for 5 years to study at local University and she also came to Japan 2 years ago to study water crystal photography at our office in Tokyo for 1 month. Her aim is to open up water crystal laboratory in Scotland. So she is a Hado Instructor who has a great passion for Hado.

In the evening that we arrived, she had a welcome party for us at an apartment that we will stay.


 Kumanga and Dr. Emoto
 As you can see in the photo, they prepared a scotch whiskey for Dr. Emoto who likes to drink.

She is Maggie, one of the organizers and she works with ADD children on music sound therapy.

He is Rev. Karma Jiga who also came to attend Hado Instructor School at Lake Biwa with Kumanga. He is a Buddhist monk who has a Buddhist temple in Scotland. Very friendly person and we became good friends.

A photo of Dr. Emoto in front of an old cathedral in Dundee

Next day, Lindsay, who is also a Hado Instructor came all the way from New Jersey.Lindsay and Kumanga were together when we had Hado Instructor School in Aso, Japan last time and I assume that the Heitate Shrine brought their bond.

Also, Mr. Yamaguchi from Gendai Reiki will join us on the 20th.

We are exited about what’s coming here in this week! 

Written by Hiro Emoto 

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