The Ceremony of Sending Love and Gratitude to Water

The Ceremony of Sending Love and Gratitude to Water will be held in Fukushima on July 25 this yearMany of you might know that Mayan calendar has 13 months in a year. 28 days makes one month, so 365 divided by 28 days equal 13 months plus 1 day.

This last day is designated as New Year’s Eve, and is called the Day Out of Time. On this special day, people in olden time woke up with sun rise, offered their gratitude to nature, prayed for good harvest, and prayed for the well being of their family and tribal people.
Mayan New Year starts on July 26 in our modern day calendar. Therefore, New Year’s Eve which is July 25 was the day for prayer and celebration.
I resonated with this story on the DNA level, and designated July 25 as the Day of Offering Love and Gratitude to Water. This was 12 years ago, and we have been organizing events on this day at different locations around the world ever since then.
The first ceremony was held by the Lake Biwa in Japan. We visited the holy water site of Caxambu, Brazil last year. Also ceremonies were held every year in various places around the world such as three places by Rhine River, Sea of Galilee in Israel, Orense in Spain, Lake Baikal in Russia, Ashland and Mt. Shasta in the U.S.A., Seven Lakes in Bulgaria, and Cancun in Mexico.

This ceremony became well known outside of Japan better than at home. Several thousand people gathered in Caxambu last year, and lately, we have been receiving requests to hold an event from organizers around the world. This year, few offers came from people in Germany and the U.S.A., but we were hoping to plan something in Japan, especially somewhere in the afflicted area in connection to the March 11 disaster.

We were able to find a supporter in local area just a week ago or so, and decided the location as well. We will be having a ceremony at Misaki Park in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture.
We will visit there to see the area on June 22. At the moment, we are planning to start the ceremony around 4:30 am, but the detail may change. So, please wait to hear the exact plan when we post the time schedule on this blog around June 25.

We are also planning to have a worldwide live webcast on internet. Probably over one million people from around the world will be joining us via webcast.
I strongly believe that it is very important that all of us in the world will put our hearts together to pray for the peaceful solution of Fukushima nuclear accident, recent Nebraska nuclear accident, and all other natural disasters.
We will be sending notice separately about how to join the event.

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