Recent Report and Our deep appreciation for your contribution

Recent Report and Our deep appreciation for your contribution
Today marks the 102nd day of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. Many people who have lost home are still forced to stay at shelters or outside of their prefecture. The number exceeds hundred thousand.
Especially, terrible panic has arisen at Fukushima prefecture where there was a nuclear plant accident caused by the huge tsunami occurred right after the quake. Mothers are worried about their children who might have already been exposed to much radiation. They are really concerned about children’s health condition in the future. The government and scientists do not know what to do except just being bewildered, and that in turn causes more worries to mothers of young children.
Why, then, are they ignorant about radiation?
It is because they have long been ignoring the concept of Hado. The realm of radiation is same as the realm of Hado.
While Japan is going through this, God bestowed me a wonderful present. It is a special kind of water that can cope with radiation, named MRET Water. The endowment ceremony of this water was held at Thai embassy in Japan. The total amount of water is 50,000 bottles of 1.5 liter bottle. It has the value of 30 million yen in Japanese currency.

The technology of this water was developed by a Russian scientist based on his research of Chernobyl nuclear accident. It is the ultimate kind of hado water. The company which owns the right in Asia is producing this water in Thailand. Through Thai embassy, they asked me to distribute water to the people in the disaster area since I have been studying hado.
On May 29, I visited Koriyama city in Fukushima prefecture with my staff to deliver this water. Koriyama is the second biggest city in the prefecture. It is not too far away from the plant in which they had the nuclear accident. Many victims who have houses in the restricted area have evacuated into this city. On this day, there was an event held at the venue called Geihinkan. Over 1000 people attended this event, “Let’s try our best! Fukushima,” so we handed bottled water to each participant and explained the special capacity of this water to cope with radiation.
Their face brightened up as soon as they heard our explanation. Especially mothers who have young children looked very happy as they received water. That gave us tremendous sense of happiness and we felt as if we became real angels.
This kind of experience gives us encouragement to continue the project to distribute Hado water to disaster area for a long period of time instead of making it only temporary. I am determined to make it my life work and keep delivering water until the time when there is no evil existence that makes innocent people suffer. I named this water that can cope with radiation, MRET Angel Water.

We deliver charity water only in Fukushima area for now, but we might expand the area if the contamination spreads largely, or we might have to deliver the water for free to the people who suffer infectious disease, for example, if malignant virus causes an outbreak of some kind of deadly disease.  

As you know, I have been collecting donation from around the world to the project named “Take Action for Japan.” The total amount reached 7,956,500 JP Yen as of today. About 500 people resonated .
I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to those who Take Action for Japan when they heard my message. I was overwhelmed with joy as I saw this many people joined in this project. Thank you so very much.

We are using this precious money for delivering water by currier or other transportation. Also, we would like to allocate some when we need to order more water from the producer as this 50,000 bottles of charity water is finished.

We would appreciate your continuous contribution to have this project move forward smoothly.
We are deeply grateful for your heartwarming support.
With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Emoto Peace Project .

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