Message “It will be okay”

Honmoo Kenkyusyo, the company related to Mr. Yukio Funai, asked me to write an article. They would like a message titled “It will be okay” to encourage people who were afflicted by the disaster.

I think it would be good to share it with you all. Here it is.

What is true happiness?

You taught us the real meaning of true happiness by your own example.

Aside from nuclear accident, what happened to you this time was the result of natural disaster completely. Therefore there is no one whom we can blame.
You just happened to be there, then all of a sudden, the earthquake occurred, the tsunami hit the shore, and the nuclear accident happened.

Some lost their most beloved family members, some other lost their houses inherited from loving ancestors, and others lost their farmland or fishing ground that provided them bread and butter. Furthermore, many people are forced to live far away from their home where they have joyful memories.

What a tragedy.

We just happened to be on another location, and became speechless, became dumb founded, were filled with horror, and shed tears while watching T.V. or reading newspaper.

Before long, many people have come back to themselves and started thinking what they should do earnestly. Then, they stood up.

Some sent donation hoping to be of some help.

Some sent school supplies, comic books, or toys for children.
Some sent clothing or daily goods.
And, young people or others who can offer physical work visited afflicted areas to do volunteer work.
This kind of activity spread not only in Japan but also around the world.
Media covered these stories.

Afflicted people didn’t have anything else to do but bow down deeply, thanking them with tears of gratitude.

Faces of those supporters were so beautiful. They looked truly happy. They must have realized what the real happiness is.

Yes, we humans must feel a true sense of happiness when we are able to offer even a little laughter or inspiration to truly unfortunate people.

As long as we have this sense of happiness and the power to actualize it, peace will prevail in Japan and on this planet earth, for sure.

“Everybody, it will be okay.” And I would like to say “thank you all.”

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