Hado Diary Tuesday, June, 7

Today, we had a guest from Australia who came along with his friend. Yurika Takahashi, a member of our group introduced him. His name is Peter Stevens. He looks soft and gentle but used to make hardware such as machines for farming, and now he is a hado field transduction engineer manipulating magnetic energy.
Today, he only visited us to say hello, but, he will come back again soon to do an amazing demonstration. He will show us how to change the field of radiation into a positive field. Everyone, please look forward to it.
Tonight, I received following e-mail from one of staff members.
To everyone,
Thank you for your hard work.
I have just received a request from a fan of Dr. Emoto’s.
He would like to have the words “Love and Gratitude” written on the container of contaminated water at Fukushima Nuclear Plant. He wholeheartedly believes that the water will be clean if we are able to do that.
I did not think it was feasible in reality, but I couldn’t say it would be impossible.
I thought I would share it with you all, anyway.

I was very happy to hear this news even though it may not be possible to make it happen. If more and more people around the affected area have this kind of idea, I am sure the problem will be solved someday.

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  1. Hello Dr. Emoto,
    Wow... I think that is THE Great idea to do it to show everybody that how responsible WE all are for our environment and Nature/Earth we live. Japan is one of the very spiritual countries... and has such huge effect on other contries with what we Japanes do, right?
    I sincerely hope to get the permission to write "Love & Gratitude" to show our power to the world... This could be a HUGE movement for how important WATER is and what We do about it...

    Power of One
    One for All

    With Love, Respect & Gratitude