MRET Angel Water being delivered so smoothly

On May, 27, we delivered MRET Angel Water to Ms. Saito’s residence located in Sukagawa city, Fukushima prefecture, to store the water in her storage space. Water has been distributed to the people who live in local area.

She contacted us today to let us know that 7200 bottles of water are almost gone in a matter of only 10 days or so. Instead of her delivering water to each house hold, people visited her place one after another to pick it up by themselves. Word of mouth spreads so quickly, and more and more people are visiting her place now. That’s how almost all the water has been distributed.

Of course, there is more water at Thai embassy, so we will make an arrangement to have it sent to her place soon.

The way how people get information about water through word of mouth reminds me of my experience from 12 years ago. Back then, Messages from Water was being noticed by people the same way, and I believe this is the ideal way.
If you would like to have Charity MRET Angel Water, please contact us. Please note that only Fukushima residents are eligible to receive charity water.

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