Strong Odor of Devastated Area Concerns Me

About two weeks ago, we visited Soma port which was struck by tsunami. The big warehouse of Nippon Express Company was totally destroyed, and rice and other food products were swept away. The area was filled with offensive odor which came from spoiled food.

According to the TV news report I watched this morning this unusual odor became even stronger in various places among afflicted areas. After hearing this news I became concerned about another issue which is yet to arise.
Another disastrous issue…..I fear that some kind of infectious disease such as cholera might spread like the one happened after Haiti earthquake.

Of course the situation between Haiti and Japan might not be really comparable since the medical standard differs significantly. However, as you all can see, we don’t know how to clean up all the mountains of rubbles even 3 months have passed after the disaster. Mountains of rubbles equal mountains of garbage. It is easy to imagine that it might cause some kind of deadly bacteria to occur to harm people in the area.
However, I also have good news here. The MRET Angel water we are delivering as charity item has amazing effects to tackle with various infectious diseases since it has anti bacterial and anti viral capacity. The person who represents the inventor told us that they have witnessed the effectiveness of the water through past experiences. We can try our best to take precautions before an outbreak of deadly disease by delivering MRET Angel charity water to the people in affected area. We would appreciate your continuous heartfelt support.

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