May 27th Finally MRET water has arrived in Fukuhsima 

At 9am, May 27th, 7,200 bottles of MRET Angel water
 have arrived to Mrs Saito's house in Fukushima.

I would like to thank Mrs. Saito and her family for their cooperation.
I am sure her pure positive intention can change the world.

After all, our visit to Fukushima was fulfilling. Vincent who came all the way from Singapore and Ken also from USA (His first visit to Japan) were touched by the kindness of local people in Fukushima. This time, Thai cameraman has been traveling with us and videotape whole trip. This footage will be showed to Thai people who donated MET water.
I hope Thai people who watched the video will come to Fukushima. People in Fukushima, Nature in Fukushima, and food in Fukushima are so great!
Actually I will visit Fukushima again on 29th to attend a charity event. We will bring hundreds of MRET water with a truck too. I am sure I will visit Fukushima quite often from now on.

With love and gratitude,

Masaru Emoto

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