At Thai Embassy

We visited Thai Embassy in Tokyo on May 25th. The purpose of this visit is to have a ceremony to receive MRET water from Thai Ambassador, Mr. Virasakdi Futrakul. For this occasion, there are people who came from abroad, they are the agent of the water as well as my good friend, Dr. Vincent Seet and Annie from Singapore and Ken from USA and also the shared owner of the water company, as well as a student of my Hado School, Mr. Khun Visuth and also a camera man from Thailand. They came to Japan for this ceremony.
In order to tell you the story why we are at Thai embassy to have the ceremony, I have to come back to the time when my friend, Vincent called our office after this earthquake and Tsunami tragedy and he offered to supply MRET water for people in Japan. MRET (which stands for Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) water is not an ordinary water but this is the water to protect human cells from outer harmful substances and virus and this technology is patented by a Russian nuclear scientist. This water has been studied at various Universities in the world Vincent kindly offered to provide the water for people who are suffered by virus and radiation problems. The Vincent and his team had a charity event for Japan in Thailand and they collected a lot of money and the money is used to send this MRET water to Japan and now 36,000 bottles of the water are at Yokohama Port. So we are assigned to distribute this water to people in specially the areas of Fukushima and other afflicted areas. 
So we had a ceremony at Thai embassy and I swore to Thai Ambassador that we will do our best to distribute the MRET water to people who need in Japan. Of course this water will be distributed to them for free. The Ambassador really is a wonderful person and he knew about me and my work and he asked me a lot of questions about Hado and water. He actually told me that his teacher is a female alternative doctor who lives in San Francisco and the lady was featured in the film, "Water" namely, Effie Chow. I have never met her in person but of course I know her because she was in Water movie and the Ambassador told me she told him many things about me. It is so nice to connect with these "Water" friends.
I would like to express deep gratitude for people of Thai for your pure intention to support us and also Thai Embassy for your wonderful support and my  As I said, we will do our best to distribute this MRET water (we call this water MRET Angel water here in Japan) to people in Fukushima and other areas to bring peace of minds. 

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