A check has arrived from Graziella Zanoletti in Switzerland

Today, we had a ceremony of receiving donation at our office. Rasmus from Lichtenstein laboratory is staying in Japan now, and he brought 18,000 Swiss franc check issued by Graziella in Zurich.

Graziella is an entrepreneur, the Chief Inspiration Officer of a company named Elite Rent-aCar Switzerland. This is a nice company who rents beautiful cars all over Europe and has a worldwide chauffeured service.  Graziella is a big supporter of mine in Switzerland, and we have been friends for about 7 years.

She supported my seminar when I visited Geneva last October. I gave her a painting titled “Harmony” in return at the venue. This wonderful artwork was painted by Mr. Takahashi with his hope to achieve world peace. He always gives several pieces of this painting when I travel overseas so that I can give it on behalf of him when I see someone very special.

Graziella is on the right.
Graziella was very touched when she heard that I have been visiting disaster areas to give out MRET Angel Water for charity. She said she would like to offer a donation to support this work, and gave a check to us through Rasmus.
Graziella, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I love you.
Masaru Emoto

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