Today seems like the day of water crystal photographers.

Today was the lab photographer Ken’s birthday, so we all celebrated the day together. His friend introduced him first, and he has been working for us for 10 years since then. He has now grown up to someone who is very important in our office.

When we were having this celebration, the legendary photographer Mr. Ishibashi who took the very first water crystal picture showed up. Without any notice, he just stopped by saying, “It’s been a long time.”

Mr. Ishibashi is now working for a company named Best. The head office is located in Mie prefecture and their business is in spiritual and ethical education. He was emitting a missionary like vibration.

Originally he got a Phd. in science from national university, but this scientist turned his life path into spirituality after meeting me.

In the picture, Mr. Ishibashi is on my left and Ken is on my right.

After Mr. Ishibashi left, Rasmus who is the director of my Lichtenstein lab arrived here all the way from Europe. Today seems like the day of water crystal photographers. I feel it is very auspicious and our business has bright future.
We must have a party tonight!!

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