Water Crystal Photographs of Tokyo Tap Water Before and After Being Exposed to Prayers form People Around the World

I would like to thank you all for sending prayers on March 31. I am so grateful that nearly one million people joined in this special prayer ceremony.

Here is our report from the view point of water crystal photograph study.

We took crystal photographs of tap water in Tokyo before the prayer and the crystal of the same water after receiving continuous prayer from the people around the world.

Please see the result as follows.

Thank you very much.

Love & Gratitude,
Masaru Emoto


Tap water of Higashi Nihonbashi taken on March 31st BEFORE offering prayers.
What does this awful looking shape mean?

Crystal of the same tap water taken on March 31st AFTER offering prayers for 10 days.
This crystal looks like the ones being exposed to the English words "Love ・Thanks" and German words "Liebe ・Danken."  And the top of the crystal symbolizes the form of prayer. Prayers from around the world such as English and German speaking countries must have reached.

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