We’ll go to Fukushima!

I talked with Ms. Saito who is a Hado counselor living in Fukushima on the phone today. She used to be a school teacher and at some point, she got really interested in the world of Hado and she resigned as school teacher and became a Hado counselor. Since then she has started to work as a Hado counselor very hard and giving Hado counseling to local people with using Hado measuring device.

This time, sadly her house was destroyed by the earthquakes and now she evacuated to her parent’s home. I asked her what we can do for her and people in Fukushima. As a result, the visit to Fukushima on this weekend has been scheduled and 4 people including Masaru Emoto will go there and support local people in the best way we can. To be more specific in terms of what we do is that we will be bringing Love and Gratitude water to them and also giving free Hado counseling to as many afflicted people as our time permits. According to her, local people are very bothered by fear of radiation and a lot of people are depressed.

We know we can get rid of their fear and negative thoughts with using Hado technology and the power of love and gratitude. Dr. Emoto will be there giving Hado counseling to people. He has not done that for 15 years but now it is a time for him to do for those people. We will make a report on this trip after we are back from Fukushima.

With love and gratitude,

Hiro Emoto

Team of Emoto Peace project 

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