Present from Mr. Takahashi

I would like to let you know that my friend offered to present his art work to readers of this blog.

Please take a look at my video message on YouTube first at;

Behind me, you can see an artwork on the left top on the screen. It is the work of my friend painter Takahashi. He painted this work  in hopes of creating peace and harmony in the world as the character on the painting means harmony in Japanese.

He would like to offer original paintings to our friends around the world. Please see the detail as follows.

1)    He would like to offer them to the people living outside Japan

2)    Two pieces will be sent to each person
Please keep one piece for yourself, and bring another to a place where people offer prayers such as a church, a temple or a shrine in your area as an offering. Please take a photograph of painting being offered and send the picture.

3)    We will send it to 180 people on a first come first served basis.
Please make sure to write your address and e-mail address.

4)    It will be painted by the artist and takes time, so please wait for a while until you receive it.

Love & Gratitude,
Masaru Emoto

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