About the prayer words intoroduced on April 3rd

On April 3rd, I asked you to say the prayer words in past perfect tense such as “it has been solved,” without providing enough explanation. I would like to further explain the reason why.

Dr. Nobuo Shioya is the master teacher of kotodama, spiritual power of words, and I respect him deeply as my mentor. Dr. Shioya passed away four years ago, ten days before his 106th birthday. He has left the chanting phrases with kotodama entitled the Grand Invocation. It goes as follows.

"Uchu no Mugen no Chikara ga Korikotte Makoto no Daiwa no Miyo ga Naninatta"
It means; “The Eternal Power of the Universe has gathered itself to create a world with true and grand harmony"

I have been trying to spread this invocation throughout the world after taking it over from Dr. Shioya. As you can see, it is written in the past perfect tense. There is a reason for that.

Dr. Shioya used to teach us that it is important to hold a strong determination and confidence as if your vision has already been actualized when you make a wish truly. I am following his instruction.

I know that all the people around the world are strongly hoping that the problems from the accident will be solved as soon as possible. I used the past perfect tense for above reason.

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