Dr. Emoto's seminar at The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

The first seminar of the U.S tour this time was a seminar at The Kabbalah Center in Beverly Hills, CA. This seminar was just confirmed about a month ago so there was only limited of time to prepare for the seminar. In addition, The Kabbalah center had only 30 tickets sales last week..

However, there was "a last minute phenomenon" occurred  and it ended up with a full of 300 people! 

Usually, The Kabbalah Center does not have an outsider as a speaker but the Messages from Water was apparently exceptional. Audience enjoyed Dr. Emoto's talk throughout the seminar and they gave standing ovations to him at the end of the seminar. So, it was a great kick off to start the seminar tour this time.

There is a video that Dr. Emoto's assistant took and you can see the last part of his seminar. You can also see a surprise for Dr. Emoto at the end so please watch.
Next destination is Duluth, MN!

For the information on the schedule of Dr. Emoto's seminar, please visit

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