Activity Report No.2 – March 24th, Thursday

Amount of donation we have received as of March 24rd, 2011:  

Donations from Paypal: 805,906 Yen
Donations from International Bank Remittance: 2,126,790 Yen

Total Donations: 2,932,696 Yen

According to our research, there are 409 people currently living in shelters in Asahi city of Chiba.
I called the local disaster countermeasures office and I was told that they do not accept any aids from persons but they do accepts certain amount of food or something from organizations or companies. So we are happy to know that they can accept our water!
There are 4 shelters in Asahi city. So the disaster office understands what they need for each shelter. Our aid is “Water” and I told the person about it on the phone and he said it would be nice to receive 500 mil pet bottles of water rather than 2 liter bottle.   

So we will deliver 500ml bottles of“Water we thank you” to Asahi shelters tomorrow.   

On the other hand, the government reported there were radiation substances detected from Tokyo’s tap water today. Government advised not to use the Tokyo’s tap water for drinking specially for babies and infants. Now all the mineral water bottles are gone from supermarkets in Tokyo.

In such a time, we had a positive meeting here in our office about a plan to send our prayer to water in Tokyo and experiments to photograph water crystals from Tokyo’s tap water and also Tokyo’s tap water after certain kind of information is imprinted to water.  These things should be mentioned in our blog in next week from Dr. Emoto.

With love and gratitude

Yoshiaki Ooki
Emoto peace project

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