We visited Asahi City of Chiba.

Activity Report No.3 March 25th, Friday

Asahi City is about 1.5 hours East from our office in Tokyo  by drive. 

There are still damages that we could clearly see in the town even after 2 weeks Tsunami hit.

There were some empty fields between the houses and we were told there used to be houses in these places but Tsunami just destroyed them and now no more houses.  

We wanted to bring our water directly to people in shelters but it was not possible and we delivered our water to the local disaster countermeasures office who can store the water and deliver them to people when they need.

People there said “the distilled water which is good for infants to drink is very useful and thank you. It will take a long time for people to get the normal life back so we appreciate your supports.”

We also dropped some water crystal books for children and I told them to hand them out to children.

These people are working as volunteers and they gave out wonderful positive Hado.

We will do to help people in our hado ways. We were very happy that we could deliver water today.

I truly hope these people will get their normal life back as soon as possible.

I stopped over at a convenience store on the way back and there were words “Only one water per person to buy” Gee, lack of water everywhere now!  

With love and gratitude,

Hiro Emoto
Emoto Peace Project



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