April 2nd : Today’s word of prayer

To all the souls of the victims from the disaster in eastern Japan,
We are sorry,
Please forgive us,
We thank you,
And we love you.

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  1. Hello Dr. Emoto,
    I'm sharing your "Prayer Ceremony for Water" information with my friends & families from the beginning... Thank you very much for the opportunity to create this UNITY with All Human-Being on Earth...

    We are all UNITED as each of us is a part of WHOLENESS, part of the Universe...

    Let's BE AWARE ALWAYS CONSCIENTIOUSLY, give prayer even when you drink or see it around you & change your prayer slightly different every time as we are evolving every moment...

    With Sincere Respect, Deep Appreciation, Warm Love & Bright Light from My Heart...

    Yumi from Arizona, USA