Today is the 11th, the day to send our prayer at noon.

We are sending our prayer at noon on the 11th of every month. There is a reason why I asked you to participate in this.

I was just another ordinary man before I published the book titled “Messages from Water” and “The Hidden Massages in Water.” Since the publication of these books I have been invited to many countries around the world to give seminars. Now, after 10 years or so, I became somewhat known and many people regard me someone like a leading figure of spirituality. As noted on this blog on April 14, to my amazement, British magazine Watkins placed me on the 18th among 100 world spiritual leaders. 

People send me various kinds of information through social network system such as Facebook which I happened to join casually.

Among them there are some information predicting possible catastrophic incidents. I grew more concerned as the number of this kind of letter increased.

Initially, I thought it was foolish to take them seriously. If I give out the information to the public it might cause panic in the society. So, I decided to just ignore them. 

But, I also asked myself what would I do if even only one of them was right and if something really did happen. I would feel terribly sorry to the victims about not doing anything beforehand despite the fact I knew something might happen.

There is a saying in Japanese. “If you are prepared well there is nothing to worry about.” So, I decided to ask all my friends around the world to be well prepared.

And, the best way to prepare is to pray sincerely for the peace and well being of our mother nature on this planet with as many people as possible.

That is the reason why I am asking you to recite the Grand Invocation taught by my revered teacher late Dr. Nobuo Shioya, together with me. Here is the Japanese version.
“Uchu no mugen no chikara ga kori kotte,
Makoto no daiwa no miyo ga nari natta.”

We recited this mantra at the lakeshore of Lake Biwa, the biggest lake in Japan when we had a ceremony on July 25, twelve years ago. Lake Biwa is called the mother lake of Japan. Afterwards, we heard amazing news that the local newspaper announced. The terrible odor that spread surrounding area in the season every year was completely gone.

I did not know the reason why this happened, back then, but now, I can understand it with the scientific analysis. I can explain how powerful the act of reciting mantra and praying can be.

I will explain the mechanism further on this blog again. Today, I would like to ask you all to believe the power of prayer. Let us all recite the Grand Invocation at noon.

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