Symphony of Peace Prayers

Tomorrow, on May 22, Sunday, there will be an event to offer world peace beyond the difference in religion or belief. It will be held at Fuji Sanctuary's prayer field.
It has past more than two months since we have experienced unprecedented disaster in Japan. We think now is the time to put our hearts together in one and send our sincere prayer for world peace.

Please see the following link for the detail.

Even if you can not be at the site physically, it would be wonderful if you could offer your prayer from the distance on the same day. We pray that we could put our hearts together and by doing so the world become one.

With Love and Gratitude

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  1. Dear Dr. Emoto,
    Thank you very much for the information. I have already posted your message and the link on my "Daily Prayer for Our Earth" page on FaceBook to spread the words!
    More I continue my daily prayer, more I feel the period of time in being transparent to feel the vibrations of Love and pass on to others extends... it's a wonderful feeling for my soul.
    With Respect & Appreciation with Love always,
    Yumi from Arizona